Concealed Carry Permit Holder Fires Gun at Carjacker in Suburban Chicago

Look, I love my Kia Sedona, but I definitely wouldn’t draw my firearm and shoot at a carjacker in an attempt to get it back.

A concealed carry permit holder was on the Northwest Side of Chicago last week Wednesday when she was targeted in a bump & run scam. As the suspects drove off in her SUV, she drew her gun and fired several shots in the residential neighborhood, just half a block from a playground.


Officers responded to the scene in the 2400 block of West Ohio Street in the city’s West Town neighborhood about 5:35 p.m. A 41-year-old woman said she was driving northbound on Western Avenue when a gray sedan struck her vehicles, according to police. She pulled over to inspect the damage when an “unknown male” jumped in her car and fled, police say.

The woman told police she saw another person, also a male, hiding behind a garbage can, police said. The woman opened fire at some point during the incident with her registered concealed weapon, according to Chicago police.

“If she was truly protecting herself, I suppose she had a right,” said James, a father, and resident who asked NBC 5 not to use his last name. “But any time a gun is discharged by someone who is not a professional, it’s definitely concerning.”

Another witness to the incident said the victim opened fire “well after” the suspect drove off in her SUV.

As gun owners, and especially as concealed carry permit holders, we have a responsibility to not only adhere to the laws in our state pertaining to when we can draw our weapons legally, but also use common sense when it comes to the appropriate use of firearms.


Let’s work to share these stories with fellow gun owners and concealed carry permit holder in an effort to show what not to do and open up the conversation of how to be responsible gun owners!

Video of the shooting was obtained from a home surveillance camera in the area:

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