Loesch Asks Women's March Agenda, "Why are You Trying to Disarm Us?"

It’s a good question – why are members of the women’s march, who claim to be about empowering and championing women, trying to disarm them and render them defenseless?


Dana Loesch, NRA spokeswoman and host of The Dana Show, called out the Women’s March agenda when she asked:

“Why are they trying to make statistics and victims out of people like me? It’s ridiculous,” Dana said. “Don’t claim to be the champion of someone that you want to keep under your boot, and that’s what this ideology is doing.”

“If they’re going to react as ridiculously as they have over simply us telling them to stop burning down buildings as a form of protected protest, then they’re proving our point – that’s exactly why we made this ad,” Loesch concluded.

Watch the full interview with Bill Whittle here:

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