Desperate to Hang the NRA, The Women's March is Attacking Their Own Supporters!

You can’t make this stuff up…

It seems the Women’s March, who organized Friday’s desperate #NRA2DOJ protest in response to an NRA video featuring Dana Loesch, is hellbent on hanging the National Rifle Association – at any cost.


Unfortunately for their supporters, that cost includes their members’ reputation!

On Saturday, the Women’s March Tweeted a picture from the July 14, 2017, protest of a woman holding a sign that reads, “2ND AMEND 4 WHITES ONLY”. Addressing the woman, the Tweet stated, “The people who protested against are the same people who believe the 2nd Amendment only applies to white people. We see you, .”

But the woman, who (obviously) made the sign in protest of the NRA, was part of the #NRA2DOJ and didn’t appreciate being thrown under the bus by the “feminist organization” she clearly believes in and supports:

The woman went on to share several pictures with the Women’s March of herself donning the same flower hat at other liberal protests:

But the poor @goodlittletiger never got a response, apology, or a retraction from the Women’s March for aligning her with the “ignorant NRA”.


Proving once again that not only do these liberal, anti-Second Amendment groups care about the truth, they’d just as soon tarnish their own members’ reputations and let them suffer the consequences of their lies rather than admit they were wrong.

I guess these “feminists” aren’t very interested in supporting women after all!

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