The Hypocrisy of the Women's March Against the NRA is Staggering

On Monday, NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch joined NRA TV’s Grant Stinchfield to discuss the hypocrisy of the Women’s March protest of the NRA.

“I didn’t particularly take to being Progressively mansplained by this Women’s March speaker,” Dana told Grant. “Newsflash to this sexist, you know – women can vote, too – we had the right to bear arms before we had the right to vote and you can come and take that out of my cold, dead hands.”


“This guy speaking at this protest embodies everything that anyone ever needs to know about the gun control movement, it is the ultimate war on women, it is the ultimate in class warfare and sexism.”

Listen to Dana’s full interview here, then sound off: Do you think anyone takes this Women’s March seriously when they continue to speak like this about NRA Women like Dana Loesch?


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