Question of the Day: Do You Know How Heavily Armed Your State Is?

CBS News must not have a ton of traditional news to cover, because they took the time to research how many firearms are registered in each state, and compiled them into a list of the United States from the least amount of firearms per 1,000 residents to the most heavily armed state in America.


Do you know how heavily armed your state is? You might be surprised!

In any event, here’s what they came up with – counting down, here are the most heavily armed states in America:

51. New York
The Empire State has only 3.3 registered firearms per 1,000 residents. That’s 64,353 guns between 19,651,127 people.
50. Rhode Island
49. Delaware
48. Michigan
47. Massachusetts
46. Hawaii
45. New Jersey
44. Iowa
43. Vermont
42. Mississippi
41. Nebraska
40. California
For every 1,000 residents in the Golden State, there are 7.6 guns. That’s 292,877 registered firearms dispersed among 38,332,521 people.
39. Wisconsin
38. Missouri
37. Washington
36. Maine
35. Illinois
33. (tie) West Virginia
33. (tie) Arizona
31. (tie) North Dakota
31. (tie) Minnesota
30. Florida
The Sunshine State comes in at number 30, with 10.2 guns for every 1,000 residents. That’s an impressive 199,828 registered firearms dispersed among 19,552,860 people.
29. Kansas
28. North Carolina
25. (tie) Tennessee
25. (tie) Montana
25. (tie) Connecticut
23. (tie) Oregon
23. (tie) Ohio
22. South Dakota
21. South Carolina
20. Colorado
19. Oklahoma
18. Texas
Although everything is bigger in Texas, the Lone Star State comes in at number 18, with 12.8 guns on record for every 1,000 residents. That’s 337,309 firearms among 26,448,193 people. But take heart, Texans! Your actual numbers are surely MUCH higher since y’all are not required by law to register your firearms.
17. Utah
16. Kentucky
15. Indiana
13. (tie) New Hampshire
13. (tie) Georgia
11. (tie) Pennsylvania
11. (tie) Maryland
10. Louisiana
9. Alaska
For every 1,000 residents in Alaska, there are 15.2 guns. That’s a total of 11,167 registered firearms among 735,132 people.
8. Nevada
7. Alabama
6. Idaho
5. Virginia
4. New Mexico
3. Arkansas
2. District of Columbia
1. Wyoming
The Cowboy State has the highest number of registered guns per capita of any state in America. For every 1,000 residents, there are 195.7 guns. That’s 114,052 registered firearms in a state with a population of 582,658 people.


So, what do you think of their report?

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