With No End in Sight, Chicago Gun Violence On Pace to Outgun 2016

There’s a crazy wind blowing through Chicago, IL, apparently.

Not only do police have to be on the lookout for and crack down on gun violence, but now they’re being rushed by… naked men on drugs bleeding from the crotch after cutting off his own penis?


The Daily Mail reports:

The unidentified man appears to be high on acid or synthetic drugs in the video clip filmed on Monday evening near the intersection of Grace Street and Drake Avenue in the Irving Park community.

Witnesses can be heard screaming ‘calm down’ before he charges toward a female Chicago Police Department officer who is standing in the middle of the intersection.

The man is screaming ‘get outta here b****’ at the female officer, who quickly draws her taser as she shouts at him to ‘get on the ground’ before firing it at him.

Alrighty then…

In other news, while shootings are down in the Windy City, murders are up, putting the city on pace to outgun 2016.

Chicago has racked up 373 gun deaths so far this year, adding to the 2,128 people shot in the city in 2017, according to HeyJackass.

Although police have seized nearly 5,200 guns off the streets in 2017, the people using them are still out roaming them.

CBS Chicago reports:

Tevion Walker is one of the repeat gun offenders driving violence in Chicago, police said. The 21-year-old was arrested Friday and charged with possession of an illegal handgun.

It’s Walker’s third weapons offense while on parole for another weapons offense from 2015, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said.

Johnson said that Walker and other repeat gun offenders are emboldened by the lack of accountability in Illinois, and he hopes tougher gun laws will change that.

“My goal isn’t to incarcerate more people. My goal is to send that message that if you pick up a gun, you’ll pay the price for it,” Johnson said.

Well, that’s a lofty goal, given the dismal 13.7% clearance rate the police have with Chicago homicides.

“First and foremost, criminals do not fear being held accountable for their actions,” Chicago Ald. Raymond Lopez said after a police officer was shot while responding to a robbery call Friday afternoon.

…and obviously, criminals in Chicago like Walker are taking full advantage of it.