Folks in Hummelstown, PA are taking their safety seriously.

A crowd of more than 200 filled the Hummelstown Chemical Fire Company No. 1 town hall on Aug. 3 to learn more about Pennsylvania’s concealed carry regulations for firearms.

The three-hour program was hosted by state Rep. Thomas Mehaffie, R-Lower Swatara Township, who represents the 106th House District.

Menges said he’s given countless number of talks throughout central Pennsylvania about the gun laws over the past five years.

“I stopped counting how many of these I’ve done when I got to 100,” he said. The main thing he’s seen people worry about, he said, is change.

“For a while people were worried about the ‘knock-out game’ when that was going around a couple of years ago,” Menges, said, referring to a deadly so-called game that involves assaulting others without warning. “”Now people are more worried about civil unrest like riots and protests.”

Menges’ address covered such topics as firearms that require a license, how to obtain a license, license exceptions, carrying on school and government property, which U.S. states recognize Pennsylvania permits, and much more. Menges and Clements also offered practical advice to constituents.

“If you hear a noise downstairs in your house, call 911 and wait in the corner with your gun. Don’t go wandering around your house in the dark with a gun,” Clements advised. “Stay in a safe place. When you first wake up, you have in effect the same awareness as a 0.1 alcohol level.”

Menges suggested keeping an inexpensive cellphone in your home’s safe area because intruders tend to cut landline wires. Also, he noted, it is legal to travel with your registered gun through U.S. states that don’t recognize Pennsylvania licenses while en route to a state that does.

However, it is illegal to stay overnight in states that don’t recognize Pennsylvania licenses without further provisions.