Texas Police Chief Asked To Leave Doctor's Office Because Of His Gun

Rick Ector, an NRA certified Firearms Trainer, demonstrates the correct way to open carry legally.

The chief of police was asked to leave the Texas Ear Nose and Throat Specialists office in The Woodlands, Texas because he was carrying his firearm.  The Courer reports;


Chief Philip Dupuis told The Courier he was wearing his badge on his belt in plain view next to his handgun, as well as his Conroe PD identification on a lanyard around his neck when he entered the doctor’s office in the 3900 block of Pinecroft Drive around 4 p.m. and started to check in. A receptionist took his driver’s license and insurance card before questioning him about the gun on his hip.

Dupuis said she asked him to take his gun out to his car. The 35-year law enforcement veteran, who never has had an accidental discharge, refused to disarm himself, reiterating that he is a police officer.

 That’s when he was asked to leave, Dupuis said.

“It’s just bad,” Dupuis said. “My badge is clearly displayed. I have my lanyard on with ‘police’ on my ID card hanging around my neck. I had handcuffs. The lobby was full of people, and they asked me to leave because of who I am.”

Under Texas law, as a licensed police officer, Dupuis can legally open carry anywhere in the state.

“I didn’t think twice about it because I can and do carry everywhere,” Dupuis said. “I carry to protect myself and I carry to protect my family and the public.”

The ENT office eventually called the chief of police to apologize.

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