BREAKING: Shots Have Been Fired In New York City

News is arriving that shots have been fired and that there have been multiple injuries after an incident this afternoon in downtown Manhattan.

Information is still coming in, and some reports on what exactly happened are conflicting. One person has been confirmed to be in custody, but here’s some of what we’re seeing, so far.

A witness recounts what he saw:

Actor and singer Josh Groban got video of NYC’s first responders.

FOX News is reporting that DeBlasio’s office is saying that with the suspect in custody, they believe there is “no active threat” in the city.

We will continue to keep you apprised of additional emerging details.


UPDATE: Multiple news outlets are reporting that there are up to six people dead at this time, with additional people injured.

The NYPD is saying that a vehicle entered the West Street pedestrian/bike path a few blocks north of Chambers Street, striking multiple people on that path.

UPDATE: Reports of terrorism are now being confirmed.