YouTube Shooting Witness Wishes for Gun

According to the almighty media, when they speak, you should listen. And the last month they’ve been spewing an inundation of anti-gun rhetoric. They have out-of-touch pundits on discussion boards telling law-abiding Americans why their guns are evil, all while sitting in a secure building equipped with armed guards.

On Tuesday, various outlets flocked to the site of the YouTube Headquarters shooting. There were plenty of witnesses to interview, but the media are only interested in what they have to say if what comes out of their mouths fits the anti-gun agenda.

One local news station in San Bruno made contact with a witness outside of the crime scene and began to ask the gentleman questions. The field reporter kept his microphone shoved in the man’s face for almost five and a half minutes since he was across the street when the shooting began. Most of the questions were relative, but some were repeats. And then the interview abruptly and awkwardly ended when the gentleman said the wrong thing.

“I didn’t have a gun on me, but I wish I did.”

That certainly put the brakes on the encounter. The reporter didn’t have anything to say. He stood there awkwardly until another reporter from a different station began asking questions. At this point, the original reporter quickly moved away from the interviewee.

The field reporter could have easily asked the gentleman what he would have done with a gun in this situation. However, he knew the answer. He also knew millions would have agreed with the answer.

Truth is the single most damaging thing to leftism. Liberals operate on lies to move their agenda forward. The man being interviewed is the true majority of the country. He isn’t a poll that was conducted for the purpose of putting it on Anderson Cooper to push gun control. No. He is an American that knows the importance of law-abiding citizens carrying their own firearm.

What this guy said spits in the face of the media. Daily, we are bombarded by left-wing stations that tell us what Americans allegedly think in a paid-for poll that is oversampled and skewed to leftist sentiments.

Leftist media continually gets David Hogg on television for interviews. They like to use him to make emotional arguments for more gun control. But all the Left has is emotion.

Gun rights advocates, on the other hand, have been shut down in the mainstream media. We can’t get a fair shake to give our arguments, which are factually based.  That’s why the arguments for gun rights destroy gun control. The Left knows this, and that is why they silence our voice.

Ironically, YouTube has been an excellent source to get our message out, but recently it has begun to censor gun rights speech, too. Maybe this will change, maybe not. Only time will tell.

My hat is off to law enforcement in this situation. There were officers close by that were able to challenge the shooter, causing her to take her own life. However, this is not always the case. Parkland, Florida is the most recent example. Police are still not able to arrive on scene within a minute or so in most cases. In some cases, the officer on scene may be hesitant to go in. Again, just look at Parkland. This is why law-abiding armed citizens are needed.

In any case, the media doesn’t care about your First Amendment rights as a gun advocate. They only care about their ability to push their version of the news under the guise of a Free Press.