Pro-Gun Shirt Scares Texas Woman

Leftists look for any reason to be offended. As strange as it sounds, it seems there is nothing that makes them happier than finding something new to throw a fit over–including what is on a t-shirt.


A few days ago in Texas, Troy Johnson took his two daughters to a local park to play. He wore a shirt that said, “I’ll control my guns, you control your kids” with an AR-15 printed next to the quote. An unidentified woman at the park wasn’t amused. More than one park-goer approached Johnson–who was also openly carrying a sidearm, which is legal in Texas–and told him a lady was in the parking lot seething over what she had read. The second man to approach Johnson with his family made a comment that was dripping with common sense; he told him that he was glad there was someone at the park who was capable of protecting everyone. This flies over the head of a leftist, but anyone who is living in the real world understands.

Johnson also learned that the woman called the police on him. He decided to stay and talk to the officers.

The officer, Cpl. Reese arrived a short time later. He spoke with the woman, who told him all the parents on the playground were “very uncomfortable” with the shirt. Apparently, she spoke for everyone and could read their minds. It was undeniable that Johnson’s shirt wasn’t going to cause physical harm to someone. Anyone can see that.

The real kicker is the woman told the officer she wasn’t scared of the gun. She was bothered by the shirt, a shirt that actually makes a valid point. Sadly, intelligent gun owners are better caretakers of their weapons than some adults who procreate.

While “Mrs. Kravitz” watched and listened from about 25-30 feet away, she began telling people there was a man with a gun in the park. This is highly irresponsible. She acted like a typical liberal, using emotion and fear in an attempt to control individuals.


Staying true to form, she also attacked Johnson’s freedom of speech, simply because she didn’t like what he was saying. If she had a shirt on that said something to the effect of “Bigger Government + More Gun Control = More Safety,” we can assume Johnson would not go after her for wearing the ignorant shirt. That’s her choice. No matter how foolish.

The police in this situation also need to be recognized. There is this mentality that all police officers don’t like anyone else having firearms. Untrue. Many officers go to work and appreciate the Second Amendment. Those officers know they are not omnipresent and that some citizens need to be able to protect themselves at a moment’s notice.

Cpl. Reese was professional and courteous to Johnson. He is an example of an officer who is upholding his oath to protect the Constitution, specifically the First and Second Amendment. He quickly identified the situation as trivial.

This woman wasted the time of the local police department because she was offended by a shirt. A shirt. This is how petulant leftists are. They don’t believe in free speech because the truth hurts.

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