Yet Another Shooting Takes Place In A Gun Free Zone

After every shooting, the mainstream media and Democrats pull out the same old song and dance. “Oh, the NRA.” “Oh, the AR-15.” “There should be a longer waiting period in the buying process.” “There should be more background check steps.” Blah. Blah. Blah. Leftists try to deflect why their precious gun-free zones didn’t work, promising that next time a shooter will read the sign more carefully and not open fire on innocent, unarmed, law-abiding citizens.


And yet, on Sunday morning, a gunman entered a Waffle House in Nashville, Tennessee. He was either deranged or under the influence of drugs because all he was wearing was a jacket. He pulled out an AR-15 and began shooting at customers, killing four and injuring several more.

Once the news broke, the liberal keyboard warriors started having a good time. “Waffle House” was trending on Twitter. As expected, the anti-gunners were in a tizzy over the suspect using an AR-15. They were quick to point out that Tennessee allows open carry for handguns. While this is true, they are creating a straw man argument. Guns don’t cause shootings. However, leftists apparently don’t believe in personal responsibility.

The shooting ended when a person in the store was able to jump on the gunman and wrestle the firearm away. The Left is using a heroic action like this to justify why no one needs to carry guns in public. They don’t understand this guy is the exception, not the rule. There are very few people who would selflessly put themselves in harm’s way like this.

One user on Twitter decided to comment on the “good guy with a gun” argument that gun advocates often use. He said handguns are useless against AR-15’s, so citizens shouldn’t carry them anyway.


In 2015, two radical Islamic men arrived at a convention center in Garland, Texas with semi-automatic rifles and fired on the crowd. A police officer who was working off-duty shot back with his handgun, striking and killing both suspects. My Twitter buddy must’ve forgotten about that.

He also clearly didn’t think about the fact that open carry isn’t effective if no one is carrying their firearm. I guess that would take too much critical thought, though. That is something the Left has a problem with at times.

No one has said that open carry laws would completely stop shootings. The argument from pro-gun advocates is they may be a deterrent. There is nothing that will prevent an individual intent on causing harm from finding a suitable place to create mayhem. So then why is it a bad idea to have a firearm readily available? The answer: It’s not a bad idea.

There are shootings consistently in gun-free zones. Pulse night club. Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School. The Waffle House, which bans guns at all locations, except for law enforcement. It must be challenging to tout how effective these victim traps are.

Leftists think they have the answer with more background checks, more gun control, more bans on where firearms are allowed. However, there are no gun-free zones where guns haven’t been. They simply don’t work. The shooter was arrested approximately a year ago in Washington D.C. for entering a restricted area. His firearms were seized, and his concealed weapons permit was revoked. And yet, he was still able to use one of those guns to open fire on a Waffle House.


If there’s one thing we can learn from this, it’s not that we need more gun laws, it’s that we always need to be aware of our surroundings and be ready to protect ourselves and families at all costs. Evil is out there, and the government isn’t always going to protect you. If you have a permit to carry and you don’t, then why aren’t you?

Twitter gun control experts aren’t helping anyone with their hysteria.

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