Illinois County Declares Itself Gun Sanctuary

The state of Illinois often catches a bad rap because of the Windy City. Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, and, unsurprisingly, also one of the highest crime rates involving firearms. The city’s mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, is a known advocate for sanctuary cities and counties. But there’s a new type of sanctuary in the state, and we don’t think Emmanuel would be a fan. Effingham County in Illinois recently decided to serve their citizens by making the county a gun sanctuary.


On April 16th, the county council took a vote which passed 8-1, declaring the county a haven for gun owners. The council stated they would not enforce any state law that strips Second Amendment rights from citizens.

Of course, they have received pushback from leftists. There is a striking dichotomy. Liberals have declared for years that we should allow illegal immigrants in the country with no expectation to work for their citizenship, because they supposedly have some sort of right to be here. Counties, cities, and even entire states have pushed back on federal immigration law, most with little or no consequence. However, unlike like these laws and ordinances, Effingham county’s pro-gun ordinance probably won’t hold up in court. 

Liberals are notorious for making up Constitutional rights. However, when citizens try to exercise their actual rights, the left has a problem.

Lately, there is consistent chatter about the United States going into a second Civil War, but are we already in it? The country has become more polarized since the election of President Trump. But it is not his fault, it is the leftists’. They are mad because they didn’t get their way. The division of the country can be laid squarely at the feet of “The Resistance,” never-Trumpers, and anti-gunners like David Hogg.

Hogg is a puppet for the Democrat party. They’re pulling the strings. Almost every word that comes out of his mouth has already been spewed by a left-wing politician. He’s juts parroting their nonsense. But nonsense or not, Hogg’s conduct has pushed cities and towns to create laws that take away the right of law-abiding Americans to protect themselves with a firearm. And because these people are law-abiding, they will turn over their guns, leaving home invaders or parking lot armed robbers to run rampant with no fear of being shot themselves.


Effingham County is making the right choice, here. Pro-gun citizens should not only push back through more NRA memberships or firearm sales, but they should be speaking out to all of their elected representatives–local to national–demanding protection for their Second Amendment Rights.

Gun owners can undoubtedly have sanctuary cities and counties for something that is afforded to us in the Constitution if illegal immigrants are allowed sanctuary from our federal laws.


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