Matthew McConaughey Wants You to Give Up Your 'Assault Weapons'

It’s a constant drumbeat designed to wear you down: “Let’s ban assault rifles. It’s for the greater good. You can give up your right for kids, can’t you? Do you really need a ‘clip’ that holds that many rounds?”


No, they aren’t going to stop. The media, politicians, and fedora-wearing, craft beer drinking folks think they know more about firearms and gun control than you ever will with your facts. And let’s not forget about Hollywood. You know, the elitists that have armed bodyguards that want you to give up your firearms.

Matthew McConaughey is the latest such actor to offer his opinion on firearms based on feelings. Recently, McConaughey was at a film event where he was promoting his newest movie, White Boy Rick,  coming out in September. He was asked about his experience at the March for Our Lives fall which he attended last month. McConaughey stated that, while he does support some gun control measures, he’s afraid the movement is going to be hijacked by people who want complete gun control and derail the campaign. Too late. It was abducted from the beginning.

“I’ve got a lot of friends who are gun owners. I’ve got a lot of friends who are NRA. I grew up hunting. We had responsible gun ownership, but I was taught the right way to respect that tool,” he told the Association Press. “At the same time, their [the March For Our Lives protestors] petition that they were speaking about is a very good one.”


“I also fear that their campaign–they have to watch that they don’t get hijacked,” he added. “Meaning, a lot of the crowd was for no guns at all. That was not the march for life. March for Our Lives was for rightful, just, responsible gun ownership–but against assault rifles, against unlimited magazines and for following up on the regulations.”

Despite what McConaughey says, this movement was never about just banning AR-15s and other like rifles. It was also about going after the National Rifle Association. The NRA has passionately and consistently defended the Second Amendment rights of Americans. Progressives know that if the NRA is stopped and disbanded, they will have a stronger hold over our guns.

The idea of repeal would take two-thirds of Congress’ vote and approval from three-quarters of our states. Experts have stated how difficult that is. So, will anti-gunners really have the Second Amendment repealed? Most likely not, which is why this isn’t really about a repeal but “how much can we seize.”

McConaughey said that there must be a way to compromise. There’s not. The Left has proven they are a group of takers, not compromisers.

The Bill of Rights guarantees that lawful Americans have a right to own firearms. Compromising means giving in to liberals’ demands, giving up–at least partially–this right. But what does one gain when a right is given away? When a compromise is met both sides surrender one thing but get something in return. How does that work for gun owners? What do they get in return, here? The answer is nothing.


After speaking at the March for Our Lives last month, McConaughey gave another interview. During the interview, he was asked about “high capacity magazines.” His answer was to talk about Texas’ three shell limit for bird hunting. Of course, he failed to explain how that protects citizens from criminals looking to cause harm.

It seems McConaughey’s pro-gun control mentality in nothing new (despite the fact that he’s made millions by promoting gun violence in many of his movies throughout the year). In an interview from 2014, he said: “I get it. You have the right to have guns. But look, let’s forget that right. Let’s forget the pleasure you get safely on your range, because it’s in the wrong hands in other places.”

Clearly, he didn’t, and still doesn’t, “get it.” Felons aren’t supposed to have weapons in their hands. However, they manage to get them anyway. Too bad McConaughey didn’t acknowledge how giving up firearms used responsibly will do absolutely nothing to stop criminals from obtaining them illegally and for nefarious purposes. Every day in America, multiple times a day, there is an attempted armed robbery or successful robbery. Forcing law-abiding citizen to surrender their firearms will only encourage these criminals, as they’ll know these people will no longer have a way to defend themselves.


McConaughey is pushing for one gun ban, one on “assault weapons,” which will only lead to another gun ban. The next step will be all semi-automatic weapons. Then perhaps all handguns. Why shouldn’t Americans be allowed to defend themselves the way they did 30, 40, 50 years ago?

McConaughey asked his friends who are gun owners to “take one for the team” by giving up their “assault weapons.” I’m not sure what “team” he’s on, but I choose Team Freedom.

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