John Legend Bashes the NRA and the Police

Another week, another tweet sent out by a leftist elite who ignores the facts. This time it was John Legend.

It all started earlier this month when the music artist tweeted that the police didn’t need to be called on African-Americans anymore because they were “shooting them for no reason.”


There are millions of people who follow this guy. The scary part is most of these people either can’t or won’t think for themselves, so they hang on Legend’s every word. In a country where the racial division is the worst it’s been since the 60’s, the music artist is only fueling the fire. The truth is, police killed twice as many Caucasians than African-Americans in 2017. But let’s not let statistics get in the way.

Those who watch CNN, MSNBC and other mainstream media news outlets have this misconceived notion that the police will shoot African-Americans for no reason. This is obviously false, but after seeing misinformation on the news, these people go on Twitter and see what celebrities are saying, reinforcing this false narrative.

A few days after Legend posted the tweet, former NYPD commissioner Bernard Kerik went on NRATV to discuss the comment. He said that Legend’s words only further the racial divide and encourage those who already have an animus towards the police.


The interview with Kerik was posted on Twitter the same day Legend sent out a new tweet bashing the NRA. This time, however, Legend decided he was worried about police officers’ lives.

Legend can’t seem to make up his mind. One day he says the police are shooting all African-Americans, the next he says there are so many guns out there that it’s making “life more difficult for the police.” And it’s not just firearms, the NRA is also making life difficult for law enforcement and the entire nation.

I wonder why he started caring. Does Legend want the police to go door to door now to take away guns? I know this much: that’s not going to happen. Even though only 19 percent of officers are military veterans, there are many more officers who respect their oath to protect the Constitution.

Legend’s tweet was just another feeling-based statement with no facts behind it. The point is simple. The NRA isn’t a danger to the police. The NRA protects the rights of law-abiding, gun owning citizens. It has never gone and fought for felons or domestic abusers to have firearms.


Apparently, Legend isn’t just ignorant, he’s pretty narcissistic, too. He mentioned that he gets upset when an officer has to take a life in the line of duty. First of all, the officers get upset when they have to shoot someone, and second, they aren’t worried about what you think or have to say, John. At that point, the officers are trying to process the realization that they will have to live with what just happened.

Americans are tired of attitudes like Legend’s. He and those who think like him are out of touch with reality. They live within the Hollywood bubble, then send out tweets as if they’re a professional in these matters.

People like John Legend are the real danger to America, not the NRA or police.

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