Bottom Line: Politics Have Caused Police Deaths

2018 has not been a kinder year to the American police force. In just the last couple of months, two officers were gunned down while eating a meal in a Florida restaurant. While attempting to arrest a subject in a Home Depot parking lot, two Texas officers got shot by their suspect; and an officer at the Nogales Police Department was shot and killed by a suspect with an AK-47.


The name of the NPD officer has not yet been released. He was attempting to stop a suspect in a carjacking that took place near the southern border town. The officer conducted a traffic stop on the suspect who opened fire, striking the officer and fleeing the scene. During the manhunt, he stole two other vehicles. The suspect shot at officers every time they attempted to make contact with him. Eventually, he ran out of ammunition and surrendered.

Recent events show that officers are gunned down no matter what they are doing. The obvious danger is when they are attempting to arrest a seemingly compliant subject who then flips the script on them and begins to shoot; but now, officers can’t sit near the front windows of a restaurant to enjoy a meal, because they may be a target through the glass.

The media has fed this type of behavior by pushing false narratives that are spun to sensationalize stories in search of clicks or television ratings. The police have become an overly politicized group because of news stations like CNN and MSNBC. There are multiple discussion panels a day. The speakers are slanted against the police and are called pundits. They form the thought of those watching, who carry out the hatred.

Law enforcement shouldn’t be political. In fact, agencies all over the country have policies that prohibit officers from using political bias in their duties.

In 2010, Brian Terry, a United States Border Patrol officer was the victim of Obama Administration politics. Eric Holder’s Department of Justice walked more than 2,500 AK’s and other high-powered rifles across the border in Operation Fast and Furious. Mexican cartel members obtained one of those rifles and murdered Brian in a firefight. Neither the Obama Administration nor Eric Holder had to answer for the grief they caused Brian Terry’s mother.



Because politics were more important to Obama and his crew than the life of a Border Patrol agent. The maddening part is that Obama didn’t consider that a scandal. He said his two terms were scandal free.

The Obama Administration made law enforcement officers less safe and more hated. During his first year in office, Obama tried to make an example of a Cambridge Police Department officer who detained a subject that was seen forcing his way into a home. However, further investigation on the scene showed the suspect was the homeowner. Instead of being thankful the officers were thorough and acknowledging that sometimes mistakes do happen, the president became belligerent and continued to use this rhetoric to divide the country for the next eight years.

Black Lives Matter cheered when cops were shot or injured. The Obama White House was silent. The media would selectively pick police shootings to cover, and the White House was quick to condemned officers. Weeks later, we would learn the truth of what happened, and that most of the shootings were justified.

Obama fostered emotion that perpetuated the idea that it was acceptable to assault police officers because you felt wronged. He created this war on cops, and it is still waging. In 2017, 34% of officers were killed by gunfire. 

It is good to see President Trump appreciate the men and women who serve in law enforcement. During National Police Week, Trump invited fallen New York City officer Miosotis Familia’s family on stage. It was an emotional moment not only for them, but for the country. Although largely uncovered in mainstream news, it is not uncommon for Trump to call the spouse or a close family member of fallen officers. You could see his sincere gratitude and empathy throughout his speech, as he clung to the hand of Familia’s mother.


In contrast, Obama felt the need to lecture Dallas officers after five were murdered while protecting people who were protesting against them.

Isn’t it amazing, though? The people who hate the police continue to call.

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