Assault Of Asian Man Another Example Why 2A Rights Matter

(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, File)

The past couple of months there have been more and more reports of violence against Asian Americans. Pockets of attacks are happening all over the country, most notably a series of shootings in Georgia targeting Asian Americans. On April 29, 2021, it was reported an attack took place where an Oregon man allegedly threatened to kill an Asian father and sexually assault his son in a grocery store.

A man in Oregon was charged with bias crimes after he allegedly threatened an Asian man and his young son at a grocery store.

Based on court documents, the victims were by the self-checkout aisle when Graham threatened to not only slit the man’s throat but also kidnap and sexually assault his son.

An officer who later arrived at the store on 51501 Columbia River Highway was able to talk to some of the witnesses, reports KPTV.

One witness claimed Graham punched him in the jaw after he intervened between the suspect and the victims.

Another witness said she heard Graham yelling, “I’ll slit your throat g***!”

That is just one of several stories reported by Next Shark, a web page dedicated to “covering Asian and Asian American news including business, culture, entertainment, politics, tech and lifestyle.” Unfortunately, they’ve reported several stories along these lines recently.

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Violent events like these all illustrate the importance of being responsible for one’s own self-defense. Had the unnamed man, who was with his son, been armed, perhaps things would not have escalated to the point of an attack occurring, as a witness reported being struck. The exact particulars of that specific story do not give enough information about the event, but thankfully the victims were able to leave apparently unharmed:

“The father and his young son, who did not proceed with their purchases, left the store without speaking with the police.”

The Second Amendment community is not tone deaf to this plight. Nor is it tone deaf to the plight of anyone experiencing bias crimes. The cultural zeitgeist that gun ownership is reserved only for white men is slowly dying, as the reality of diversity in the community is becoming more apparent. Recently, Top Shot‘s Chris Cheng, an Asian American, has been speaking out more on the topic of responsibly arming Asian Americans in order to level the playing field. Cheng has appeared on numerous radio shows and podcasts as of late, notably on Cam and Company back in March:

“We already have plenty of gun control laws on the books, and they’re only so effective,” he said, rolling his eyes in frustration. “Any law is only going to be so effective at preventing any kind of act of violence or negative behavior. The problem with these gun control bills, especially H.R. 8 and H.R. 1446 that are currently going through Congress, is that they’re targeting law-abiding citizens.”

“Asian Americans, for too long, we have just sat on our hands kept our mouths shut, thinking that if we just kept our heads down that this problem would eventually go away. Okay, well, maybe that’s true but as we wait and the more we stay silent the more Asian Americans are going to get hurt or killed.”

There are plenty of signs that members of the Asian American community are increasingly turning to firearm ownership and embracing their Second Amendment rights, which Cheng is encouraged to see.

Cheng is not the only one that is trying to amplify the message about the Second Amendment in the Asian American community. As reported, there is a new organization recently formed, the Asian American and Pacific Islander Gun Organization, which is starting to take traction. Cheng’s activism, and the activism of other notable members of the Second Amendment Community, also of Asian descent, is truly important work. Paired with new organized groups that will foster responsible gun ownership, hopefully their messaging will continue to get out.

On the political side, the thought of Asian Americans or any marginalized group for that matter, taking up gun ownership is a real blow to the talking points of progressive politics. The long held belief that any minority group shall take shelter under the wing of political leanings that are left of center is starting to fade. As the anti-freedom caucus continues to lose their stronghold grip on different groups when it comes to gun control, the more they are going to act out, but maybe they aught to embrace. However, this is not about politics. This is certainly not about identity politics. This is about fundamental rights that belong to every American, and that idea getting out there is what is important. The Second Amendment is no longer being celebrated just in a small echo chamber. Pandora’s box is opening and the word is getting out.