NJ Second Amendment Group Hosts Historic DC Project Fundraiser

NJ Second Amendment Group Hosts Historic DC Project Fundraiser

One of the largest growing demographics of gun owners is women. The firearm industry has been slow to respond to this, thinking that just slapping a pink label on something or having a firearm coated a “pretty” color was good enough to fit the needs of women. While the industry has taken some time to figure out exactly how to market to women and fit their needs, a women decided that this demographic was not going to be left in the dust when it comes to having a voice at the table concerning Second Amendment issues.


Dianna Muller founded the DC Project (DCP) in 2016 because, in her words, “as a police officer for 22 years I realized that I was my own first responder.” The message of being responsible for one’s own self-defense has reverberated, and now five short years later, the DC Project has delegates from nearly every state. Their goal is to educate and not legislate, a motto often repeated by the membership. What makes the DC Project so important is the delegates have opened up a very important line of communications with our representatives in DC. These ladies are doing some serious heavy lifting when it comes to rights preservation and they have only been at it for five years.

On Saturday May 15, 2021, nestled away at a private country estate in New Jersey, a historic event took place. The very first fundraiser in support of the DCP was sponsored by a state Second Amendment organization. The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners (CNJFO) sponsored the cocktail party/speaking event to raise the much needed funds to keep the DCP going. In attendance to represent the DCP were the following delegates and leaders: Lauren Hartnett, owner of Athena Defense Training in Staten Island, and New York Director. Theresa Inacker, attorney, Security Mom, 2A advocate, Communications Director of CNJFO, and New Jersey Director. Kelly Pidgeon, owner of ARMED and Feminine, and Pennsylvania delegate/Finance Director. Amanda Suffecool, co-host and producer of the syndicated Eye on the Target Radio, and South East Regional Director. Holly Sullivan, President of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, and North East Regional Director.


The event included two key notes speakers. Gabby Franco, the first female shooter to represent Venezuela in the Olympics, author, and Top Shot contestant, gave an impassioned speech about the importance of the right to keep and bear arms. Dick Heller, SCOTUS survivor of the DC v Heller case, Protector of the Second Amendment, and Executive Director of the Heller Foundation presented a historical perspective on our right to have arms through the ages.

The evening kicked off with appetizers, as well as an open bar, supplied by CNJFO. Over a hundred attendees mingled and got a chance to talk with the movers and shakers from the DCP, Gabby Franco, Dick Heller, and New Jersey Second Amendment advocates. I had a chance to chat with many of the attendees that evening. Theresa Inacker, the event organizer wearing multiple hats that evening said to me:

The DC Project New Jersey delegation is grateful for the overwhelming support of our fundraiser. The DC Project needs donations for travel expenses and training. The DC Project highlights the diversity and rising demographic of female gun owners through ongoing advocacy because gun rights are women’s rights.

I also had the chance to catch up with some of the other ladies representing team teal (the color scheme of the DCP). Amanda Suffecool who drove down from Ohio for this monumental occasion quipped:

I am so happy to see pro 2A groups working together on a common mission – Education Not Legislation in the 2A realm. DCProject representatives traveled from across the east coast to support their New Jersey sister at this amazing event showcasing the uniqueness that is the DCProjects mission. And then when you see 2A notables like Tony Simon, Charlie Cook, Dave Rosenthal and Tyler Yzaguire in the crowd, you know you are making an impact in the Gun Rights defense world.


Lauren Hartnett who drove over from Staten Island, New York touched on what gun ownership means to her as well as the DCP:

Gun ownership in NY is treated as a privilege, not a right and it isn’t fair, not only to women but to everyone. Having the ability to be my own first responder means being able to protect, defend, and save myself and my family without depending on anyone else. Being a part of the DC Project has enabled me the platform and the voice to help protect and defend not only the 2A, but myself.

The evening also featured a gift basket raffle and silent auction. Several generous benefactors supported the event by donating their goods and services, to note Sig Sauer Academy, Blackstone Investigations Group, Sepulveda Inc, Springfield Armory, CNJFO, ROC Training, and The Second Amendment Institute.

While the final numbers have yet to be fully tallied, from what I’ve been told, a substantial amount of funds were raised to go towards the good work being done by the DCP. I was so impressed by the quality of the event and professional representation from all the woman of the DCP, I had to reach out to founder Dianna Muller to commend and congratulate her on the good work the DCP does. Muller has every reason to be proud of this group of women and this is what she had to tell me when we were chatting the day after the event:

It’s great to see such a fantastic event and the support from CNJFO and all of our friends in the northeast! The DC Project has become a counter visual and counter voice to the very well funded Moms Demand Action. The fundraising is crucial since we are truly a grassroots and volunteer effort and the MDA is more like astroturf! It’s a David v. Goliath situation and we appreciate everyone that values our efforts!


It’s refreshing and exciting to see a group like the DCP gain the momentum that they have. This is a group of determined woman that are actually making a difference. When I talked to Dick Heller about them, he summed it up best:

The greatest thing about being here at this evening’s  [Sunday, 5/15/21 with C.NJ.F.O. support]   DC PROJECT event is hearing about all the Awesome ladies’ organizations and how effective they are in promoting our gun rights.

Women across the USA made up 40% or 2 million of the 5 million NEW Gun Owners in 2020.

Wouldn’t it be great if those new liberal gun owner women would say…

“I love my new gun so much, why would I want to keep pulling the  “D”  voting lever to have the Joe-Govt Cartel come and take them away from me ?”

If you, your local, or state organization wants to find out more about the DC Project or support them, you can find them online at dcproject.info

Want to hear from the amazing speakers from this event? Find the video below:

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