2A Breaking Ground In Hollywood

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There is no dispute that the loss of life in any manner is something that is tragic. Every day this website covers stories that deal with violence committed with firearms and the failed policies that enables such events to occur. The topic of firearm “accidents” and the negligence that comes from the uneducated is also acutely discussed. No one writer here can speak for all, however, it’s safe to say that we do all advocate for the safe, responsible, and lawful ownership and use of firearms. Education is the key to achieving the goal of having no firearm incidents.


The VH1 show Cartel Crew chronicles the stories of family members of those that had ties to drug cartels in Miami Florida. One of the recurring cast members from season 2 and a series regular of season 3, Salomé Jackson, was directly affected by a firearm related incident. Jackson’s sister, Giselle “Gigi” Rengifo was shot in 2020 allegedly by Michael McGowan and a manslaughter case was opened.

McGowan was 17 when he allegedly fatally shot Rengifo in May 2020 at a party at a Miami AirBnb, according to the outlet.

He’s since been charged as an adult for manslaughter with a deadly weapon, the paper reports.

Jackson, who is listed as Rengifo’s next of kin, is listed as neither a witness nor party in the case and is legally allowed to attend and speak at legal proceedings under the state’s “Marsy’s Law,” according to the Herald.

Jackson on the show spoke with Fernanda Gaitan, who saw McGowan toying with the gun that killed Rengifo, according to the paper.

The show is currently airing season 3 and on Monday August 2, 2021 the next episode is due to air. What is unique to the forthcoming show is revealed in the trailer at the end of episode 8, “Journey for Justice”.

To just say no guns, is really not appropriate. We believe that if we teach people about safety that we can prevent more things…

Is what Kelly Ann Pidgeon says in the teaser. Pidgeon, a professional firearm trainer is the proprietor of ARMED and Feminine, LLC. Pidgeon is also an advocate for Second Amendment rights, serving as the Finance Director for the DC Project, an all women advocacy group that believes in education over legislation when it comes to our right to keep and bear arms. Pidgeon in her role as a DC Project Advisory Board Member was asked to address the cast members of Cartel Crew on firearms. I caught up with Pidgeon and she said to me:


A cast member contacted me to figure out how she could speak to her friend [Jackson] about the situation. Yes she feels so bad this happened to her friend’s sister, but she believes in gun rights. She wanted to discuss gun rights while respecting the feelings of her friend over the accidental gun death…what kind of things could she say to her to help her feel better. That was the premise of all of this.

In the proceeding sections of the trailer, we’re greeted with images of Pidgeon working alongside a cast member at the range doing live fire drills. We also get a glimpse of Gabby Franco, a competitive shooter, Olympian, and DC Project State Delegate training one of the participants.

Drama ensues when Jackson is told by her friend what they were up to:

The reason why we didn’t go to brunch with you is because I took everybody else with me to go meet with an organization called the DC Project…and they basically are pro guns.

Jackson lashes out about learning her friends went to meet with a group that stands for “the exact thing I’m fighting against.”

Pidgeon and Franco spent the day educating the group on responsible firearm use. Their advocacy and outreach, that of the DC Project, has hit Hollywood! They educated. The full teaser trailer can be viewed below at the end of an episode starting at 38 minutes and 20 seconds or on the ARMED and Feminine, LLC Facebook page. Want to see how things unfold with Pidgeon, Franco, and that cast of Cartel Crew? Tune in to VH1 Monday August 2, 2021 at 9 PM EST! I’m looking forward to seeing these amazing women in action and how they are received!



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