Are New Jersey's Gun Laws Helping To Import Criminals?

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

The dust is settling and just about everyone is done looking at the numbers from the 2020 FBI Uniform Crime Report. We’ll have those statistics to lean on for another year to make and break points. A trend that was in New Jersey, and actually is sill prevalent, was criminals from urban areas in North Jersey were coming down to quiet bedroom communities in the central part of the state to rob and primarily steal cars. Many times the luxury model cars were stolen right out of driveways, with the keys sitting in them, unlocked.

I know a person who lives in such a neighborhood that has been targeted many times, and he stated that even though he’s in a “safe” area, he won’t even go to take the trash out without carrying his pistol. That’s something the peasants of New Jersey can do, just as long as they don’t actually step into the street. That’d be a felony. Go figure. When I started to read a new report where “Police are warning residents in 4 towns to be on the lookout for a group of armed, violent juveniles who have committed multiple robberies,” it was reminiscent of the robberies my buddy talked about. However, digging deeper, I learned that while they might be similar, they’re far from the same.

Police are warning residents in four South Jersey towns to be on the lookout for a group of armed, violent juveniles who have committed multiple robberies.

The juveniles from Delaware have mostly targeted gas stations in the Carneys Point, Penns Grove, Deepwater, and Pennsville area, according to Carneys Point police.

In some cases, they have targeted residents in an attempt to steal their cars, police said. They travel in groups of 2 to 6 people, and sometimes travel in more than one car, police said.

“During every encounter we have had with them, they do not stop, they flee to Delaware while driving erratically,” police said in a social media statement. “We are actively investigating all incidents with local agencies and multiple agencies in Delaware.”

Pennsville and the surrounding area is a quiet space that is more Garden than State, in New Jersey. They have things people don’t associate with New Jersey, such as fresh air and land. This tactic makes good sense for these criminals. Why on Earth would they rob people or places in Delaware? In Delaware the right to keep and bear arms does have some respect from both the people and the government. In Delaware, the residents can get carry permits and be armed. If you find yourself leaving Pennsville and heading to the Cabela’s in Delaware, just on the other side of the river, you’ll find people walking around the store open carrying pistols. The Delaware river carves out borders, and in two cases it separates freedom from tyranny. New Jersey from Delaware and Pennsylvania. Delaware might not be a shining star when it comes to the Second Amendment, however someone with a non-resident Florida CCW can carry there.

Police advise residents to lock their car doors, and not to leave their fobs or valuables in their cars. Residents are asked to remain vigilant, and to report any suspicious cars they may see in the area.

“These are believed to be the juveniles that we have dealt with in the past,” police said.

Having gangs of violent juveniles wreaking such havoc upon any area truly illustrates multiple failures in our society. Is it a FACT that these criminals come across the river to plague New Jersey because the citizenry is unarmed? No. That’s not a fact. However, if the people of Pennsville had the option to conceal carry a firearm for the purpose of self-defense, I’m sure a good many of them would…especially if they knew such criminal activity was creeping into their area.

Alas, we know that New Jersey is more concerned with trying to get “dangerous” weapons off the streets with their ineffectual gun “buyback” compensated confiscation events, such as one coming up this Saturday, than they are with allowing a populace to be able to self-defend. Governor Phil Murphy, the Grinch that Stole Freedom, doesn’t hide his contempt for freedom loving Americans that can’t afford their own private armed security or have the full backing of the NJ State Police:

“A safer society, for my taste, has fewer guns and not more guns…” [- Governor “The Bill of Rights Is Above My Paygrade” Murphy]

Murph, thanks for your position statement. It’s comforting knowing the Governor, who has the ability to keep the unruly and unwashed masses from assembling too close to his gated home in Middletown New Jersey, can do all that on the dime of taxpayers. I wonder what would happen in Pennsville or those other towns if these criminals were greeted with the muzzle of a barrel rather than fearful compliance? We may find out one day after the 3rd of November, coincidently the day after election day (get out and vote!).