DC Project Executive Board Member Holly Sullivan Elected As Selectmen

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Back in June I covered Holly Sullivan’s run for Selectmen in Southbury, CT. After last week’s election, I’m happy to report that Sullivan, along with her running mates were all elected to the council. What makes reporting on this election so unique is that Sullivan is heavily engaged in many activities and often takes on a leadership role in what she does get involved in. Her roles in the DC Project, as well as being the only female head of a state level Second Amendment organization (Connecticut Citizens Defense League), helps break the narrative of what liberty minded people should be like, and her experiences will serve her well in her position in Southbury. While her Second Amendment stance and activism is not something that will have a resounding effect on her role as Selectmen, it’s always important to have freedom friendly citizens in elected positions. Although, we’ve seen what some towns have and can do to liberties when left unchecked.


To put it lightly, Sullivan is a go-getter:

Sullivan being a 2nd Amendment advocate is an understatement. Besides her position at the CCDL, she is also the Legislative Advisor for the DC Project. Take a look at Sullivan’s extensive Bio on the DC Project page:

Holly is a working professional raising a six-year-old daughter. She holds a Masters degree and has been working in the Human Resources field for 10 years. Holly is also an NRA Instructor and focuses on pro bono training for women. She organizes a group of 50 Connecticut area mothers who focus on responsible carry.

Holly currently serves as the President of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, a 40,000+ member non-partisan grassroots organization devoted to advocating rights affirmed by the Constitution of the United States and the State of Connecticut. She has also competed in IDPA, the International Defensive Pistol Association.

She has also donated her time and energy to be the CT delegate for The DC Project: Women for Gun Rights, an educational, nonpartisan group of women from all 50 states who advocate for Second Amendment education over legislation. Gun rights are women’s rights and every woman must be prepared to be their own first responder. Women gun owners make firearms safety and education a top priority.

Sullivan is a shining light when it comes to doing what needs to be done. Strong advocates like Sullivan that have a track record of experience is exactly what local governments need. Being the president of a non-partisan volunteer organization such as the CCDL brings important qualities to the table such as being able to listen to the needs of the people while working with those that have opposing opinions. Paired with her work with a multitude of political players through the DC Project, she’s no stranger to working with people using fact-based solutions while remaining sentient to their emotions. Sullivan’s curriculum vitae outlines her multi-faceted and versatile skill base. Her ten plus years experience in the Human Resources filed had conditioned her to listen before she acts.


To the best of my knowledge, Sullivan is the only member of the DC Project’s Executive Board to hold elected office on a city council and here’s to hoping she sets the trend.

Whenever we’re presented opportunity and say things like “someone should do something about that”, we’re often not inclined to make our own moves to enact change. Sullivan saw a chance to engage on a local level and that is exactly what we need on councils across the Union. This is how we can make meaningful changes by getting and being involved.

From the Patch we have the following about the election:

Republican incumbent First Selectman Jeffrey A. Manville won a fourth term Tuesday by garnering 3,449 votes, compared to 2,479 for Democratic challenger John Diehl, according to unofficial results from the Secretary of State’s office. Winners are in bold.

For the Board of Selectmen race, Republicans also won:

Republicans – Gregory Kuehn (3,080 votes); Jason A. Buchsbaum (3,389 votes); and Holly Sullivan (3,253 votes). Bette led the Democrats with 2,716 votes.

What can we expect from Sullivan going forward? When I interviewed her earlier this year, she discussed some of the important topics that may need to be tackled.

The importance of serving in public office cannot be overstated enough. Every level of government from local to federal should be comprised of the people who truly represent their neighbors and are willing to work to ensure their voices are heard. Whether it be budgets or ordinances, there is always opportunity for elected representatives to work towards a more vibrant, responsible and welcoming community. I honored to be running with a unified team determined to do what is best for the people of this town.


I did have a chance to chat with Sullivan about this big step and victory in her life. She’s very excited about being able to serve her community and had the following to say:

After volunteering on many campaigns for candidates who i strongly supported, it was extremely humbling to see so many support me and our team. It’s truly amazing to see people take time out of their lives to volunteer or even just get to the polls. We are incredibly blessed to live in a country that is built on a foundation of civic engagement of the People at every level of government.

I’d like to take the chance to congratulate Sullivan on this milestone in her life and wish her all the best. It’s exciting to see freedom loving citizens getting engaged in government and I look forward to see where Sullivan’s journey will take her.

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