"Untouchable" Sweeney Concedes To Durr After Loss In NJ

"Untouchable" Sweeney Concedes To Durr After Loss In NJ
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It’s difficult to say this does not bring me some pleasure, because it does. The news of Ed Durr defeating long time New Jersey Senator and Senate President Steve Sweeney has swept the nation. It seems that populism and the neo-conservative is awakening in the United States, as we’ve learned from this last election cycle, and in New Jersey of all places. What the midterms will look like, who knows. New Jersey has a new voice in the form of truck driver gone public servant, Ed Durr.


Previously Cam reported on Durr’s win, which shook the nation as well as the political establishment in New Jersey.

But there’s another candidate celebrating an unexpected victory who may never have run for office if it weren’t for the state of New Jersey denying him his right to bear arms. Ed Durr, a truck driver by trade who spent less than $6,000 to defeat longtime New Jersey State Senate President Steve Sweeney, has said that the primary motivation for his underdog campaign was the fact that he was denied a concealed carry permit when he applied to his local sheriff.

The rest, as they say, is history. And my guess is that as an elected official, Durr has now satisfied his sheriff’s requirement of demonstrating some sort of special need to carry a gun before being issued a license.

I was reluctant to report on this news until Steve Sweeney conceded defeat to Durr. That finally happened on November 10th.

One week after Election Day, State Senate President Steve Sweeney has conceded his defeat at the hands of Republican upstart Edward Durr. Speaking during a news conference in the statehouse in Trenton Wednesday afternoon, Sweeney said he would not seek a recount.


“All votes have been fairly counted, and I, of course, accept the results,” Sweeney said during a news conference in the statehouse in Trenton on Wednesday. “I congratulate Mr. Durr, and wish him the best of luck. The people of the third legislative district are the best in New Jersey. It has been an honor and a privilege to represent them in the state senate, and to serve as the president of the state senate. I’ve had the opportunity to work with extraordinary people, and I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish for our legislative district, for South Jersey and for the state.”


The outcome of this election and hearing Sweeney having to swallow his pride has more than grabbed my attention. In 2015 the very first article I wrote on the Second Amendment was for AmmoLand News and covered the failed recall election that was launched against Sweeney.

Whether it was a change of heart, political pressure or outright hypocrisy, Senator Sweeney turned on gun owners in the state of New Jersey. After receiving support from the 2nd Amendment community and their trust, an onslaught of anti-gun bills came out in 2013 & 2014 and Senator Sweeney was spearheading one that he said the nation would use as a model.

Sweeney comes out of the anti-gun closet and makes his intentions known…The former supporter of New Jersey gun owners starts quoting Brady Campaign and Bloomberg Group statistics and in some cases does not even do it accurately.

Sweeny, the card carrying CCW holder, shows his true colors and given the rhetoric, we now know where he stands.

Given Senate President Sweeney’s stance on guns, gun control, concealed carry and his arrogant way of basically saying no bill will pass or make it to the floor unless he says so, The New Jersey Second Amendment Society took to peaceful protests.

A full recall effort was launched. During those peaceful protests, Sweeney had the audacity to call the local police, as illustrated in this video:


Sweeney’s hubris attitude towards adversaries does not stop at having the fuzz called on people protesting outside his home, how about his outright admission that he “ran things” in New Jersey? Take for example the fact that New Jersey is the only remaining state in the country that disallows people to pump their own gas? How come New Jersey is that last state standing?

Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon, planned on introducing a bill that would overthrow the ban [on pumping one’s own gas]. The bill was met with enthusiasm and a local New Jersey talk-radio station was a-blaze with callers in support of reversing this gas pumping ban. But guess what? Sweeney does not support this.

From a NJ.com article…this is what Sweeney had to say:

“I continue to support the full service requirement for New Jersey’s gas stations and I will oppose any attempt to rescind the law that has effectively served the best interests of the state’s motorists for decades,” Sweeney (D-Gloucester) said in a statement Tuesday. “As long as I am Senate President, the ban on self-serve will stay in place.”

There you have it…What Sweeney says, goes. Where do we think the “Citizen’s Protection Act” would fall in line for being heard on Sweeney’s agenda? Since Sweeney does not think we’re responsible enough to pump our own gas….

The 2015 piece in AmmoLand News illustrated not only the issues of New Jersey gun laws, but the way Sweeney stabbed gun owners in the back. It showed how hubris Sweeney was throughout his tenure. And now…now he has to eat some crow served up from the common man, Durr. Someone that wants to be a public servant to the people of New Jersey, often pushing aside the title of “leadership”. Knowing what we know about Sweeney or can read about him, this could not have been easy.


New Jersey said to Steve Sweeney, “you’re fired!” After being in office for nearly 20 years, Sweeney has to pack up his things and find a new job. He miscalculated the power of angering the people and has been run over by a truck driver named Durr.

Durr turning Sweeney’s political career into roadkill is not the only threat he poses. This is a dangerous man, according to Governor Phil Murphy (who now has to deal with Durr sticking in his side).

“Gov. Murphy calls me ‘dangerous’ but he’s the one who locked down the state that caused over, nearly 10,000 elderly deaths,” Durr said when he called into the show.

‘But I am dangerous — I’m dangerous to his agenda.’

“He’s the one who caused the closing of nearly 1/3 of our small businesses. He is the one who is forcing your children in schools with masks. He’s the one who’s directing and telling people whether they can go to the store, whether they can go to work or they can go to church and worship! I said a few stupid things and that’s what, I’m dangerous? But I am dangerous — I’m dangerous to his agenda.”

A danger to The Murph Durr will be too. In a recent live stream interview hosted by Matt Rooney of Save Jersey, Durr did say he would be doing everything to challenge The Murph going forward. Durr also further affirmed his stance on the Second Amendment.


I believe that, me, me personally, yes I’m a Second Amendment supporter. I think that if you truly are a conservative and a believer in the Constitution, you have to stand up for that. That so, yes, I do believe that there should be more support for it. Because, it’s not about shooting a deer, taking it home, and having some venison for the night. It’s about self-protection. Protecting your family. We are told that we cannot protect our families now. The thing is they can make all the laws they want it will never stop the criminal. The criminals don’t follow the laws.

It’s very funny because it is an elitist circumstance. New Jersey still list that they have a concealed carry but it is near non-existent because only people with money and clout can get carry permits.

With those comments coming on the eve of Sweeney laying down his scepter and conceding defeat, I think we can all agree that the citizens in Durr’s jurisdiction made the right decision. I did reach out to Durr to congratulate him moments after the announcement that Sweeney admitted he lost his profession he held for nearly two decades. I was greeted with a “thumbs up” emoji in reply.

Thumbs up is correct Senator Elect Durr. Now go down to Trenton and make us all proud! I know you will.

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