CCDL says "Hell no!" to Governor Lamont's proposals

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The other day Cam reported on Governor Ned Lamont’s push for new so-called “gun control” laws in Connecticut. As Cam pointed out, Lamont is no friend to freedom, with his hubris quipping “We have more legal guns, we have more illegal guns. You’re not tough on crime if you’re weak on guns.” Lamont’s big “got ya” moment is no “got ya” at all, but rather an admission of his complete disdain for civil liberties, firearms, and in reality you – law abiding gun owners! Our friends over at the Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL) had a thing or two to say about the proposed laws and initiatives. 


First and foremost, what’s Lamont pushing? From a press release, these are the pinko neo-natzi like, “show me your papers!”, proposals and bill introductions:

The new proposals build on the Lamont administration’s record of support for public safety, including:

  • Doubling the number of officers trained annually for municipal and state police, with a rapid pace of new state trooper classes planned;
  • Providing $2.5 million for pandemic-related costs to help hard-hit police departments to put additional officers on the beat;
  • Providing $2.5 million for pandemic-related costs to enable probation officers to reduce recidivism among juvenile and adult clients;
  • Implementing a first-in-the-nation approach to reimburse hospital-based violence intervention programs using Medicaid funding; and
  • Supporting commonsense public safety measures like Ethan’s Law and the 2019 ghost gun reform.

And for legislation, specifically:

Establish a Gun Tracing Task Force to identify the source of illegal guns

Create a statewide community violence intervention program

Stop the flow of illegal “ghost guns”

Ensure gun stores take their obligations seriously

Modify carry laws

Close loopholes in assault weapons laws

Make domestic violence convictions an automatic disqualifier for holding a carry permit


Strengthen laws on safe storage of firearms

It’s impossible to give these measures their full justice in one article. Just like goose stepping Murphy in New Jersey, there’s so much “wrong” in one place, a full article could be written on each proposal independently. Read the first release that CCDL put out on the Governor’s announcement to understand exactly what this pinko cadre has in store for the Constitution State.

CCDL is holding no punches on what’s being presented to the peasants of Connetituct. From their press release, they directly address the freedom squishing ideas.

Governor Lamont stated clearly that an administration is not tough on crime if it is weak on guns. Yet, roughly 70% of gun offenses in Connecticut today are not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The overwhelming majority of all gun crimes in the state are committed by prohibited persons who are not lawfully permitted to possess a firearm. However, the Governor spoke Monday not just about his abhorrence of illegal firearms in this state but legal as well, demonstrating his indifference between criminals and law abiding gun owners.

Governor Lamont further returned to a defeated “stop and frisk” tactic allowing citizens to be questioned without suspicion of a crime. This unconstitutional requirement to show carry permits without cause would open the door for harassment and profiling. It is currently permissible for an officer to ask for a permit if there is reasonable suspicion of a crime. The Governor’s archaic plan is contradictory to the spirit of the very laws the Governor signed last year limiting police engagement particularly in our urban communities. The legislature has already rejected this very notion out of concern for unjust profiling. The CCDL has been on record for nearly a decade advocating for full restoration of the Statewide Firearms Trafficking Task Force since it was defunded shortly after Sandy Hook. The sitting majority party repeatedly defeated the proposal in committee year after year. Now the Governor’s office is turning to only a small facet of the very solution the CCDL has spent years supporting as a true common sense solution to gun crimes.

In 2021 alone, tens of thousands of Connecticut residents became new permit holders. Background checks for firearm purchases soared to record setting numbers. The Governor’s proposals demonstrate that he is out of touch with the people of Connecticut and woefully disconnected from his own failed policies which have resulted in the demand for more access to self-defense.


The governor is basically saying he’s in favor of abolishing or chilling the First, Second, Fourth, oh hell we’re gonna lose count, Amendments, of the constitution. The Constitution in the Constitution state must also be above this hack’s pay grade.

Cam, in his synopsis also pegs the issues that are at hand:

When Ned Lamont says you can’t be tough on crime if you’re weak on guns, what he’s really saying is that the only way to reduce violent crime is to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves with a firearm. Not only does that fly in the face of the Constitution, it’s also a terrible crime-fighting strategy.

It’s also (whether Lamont realizes it or not) an admission that all of Connecticut’s current gun control laws aren’t doing squat to either reduce violence or legal gun owners. The state has imposed all kinds of restrictions on law-abiding gun owners over the past decade, all supposedly designed to make Connecticut a safer place, but last year saw some of the highest homicide totals in decades in cities like Hartford. The state has universal background checks, a ban on so-called assault weapons, and requires a license to own and carry a firearm, as well as to purchase ammunition.

This is just the latest of the control freak states that are stepping up to the plate to swing at the so-called “gun control” topic in 2022. We’re living in a post Heller world, where the laws have hardly been adjusted to deal with the infringements that are on the books prior to that decision. It’s incredibly telling that we have all these pushes for more restrictions as we rapidly approach a post NYSRPA Union, “Hold my beer Dick!”


Many thanks to the leadership and folks over at the Connecticut Citizens Defense League. If it were not for groups like CCDL we’d be truly doomed. We’ll be following these draconian pushes from the anti-freedom caucus.

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