Chilling new video by the DC Project embodies the importance of being armed

Chilling new video by the DC Project embodies the importance of being armed

I often refer to the teal wearing no nonsense women of the DC Project as super heroes, and there’s good reason for that. The DC Project (DCP) is comprised of unique women from each state of the Union, all of which have their very own stories as to why the Second Amendment is important to them. These amazing women bare all and share very personal details about elements in their lives for a multitude of reasons. One of the most often cited reason people in the United States own firearms is for self-defense, and many of the ladies of the DCP also state that they refuse to be victims in this world, hence they’re armed and advocates. In a recent press release email, the DCP shared a bone chilling video that has a message which needs to be shared with as many people as possible. If “someone” needs a reason to be “pro-gun” the brave women in this video has a message for them.


From the release we have a very simple observation.

Gun control emboldens criminals and leaves victims defenseless.

In their e-blast, they further implore their followers to help spread the message of Teal Team Two.

Help bring awareness to the tragic consequences of anti-gun policies.

These two short lines within speak volumes to the DCP’s followers. Yes, so-called “gun control” allows criminals to run amuck, unchecked, with victims being left with very few options. To boot, the consequences of unarmed victims are tragic. If you hear the stories of many of the DCP ladies, the matter of being a victim and refusing to be one ever again has come up in several of their anecdotes. There are also the stories of women that were able to successfully self-defend because they were armed.

Lucretia Hughes and Mary Forgues share their different but equally disturbing stories. Being confronted with these personal accounts of tragedies in these women’s lives will leave the viewer with mixed feelings…about the lies we’re told and the reality of the importance of being one’s own first responder.

On one hand we’re forced to face the fact that no matter the amount of freedom limiting measures there are in our laws, there’s nothing to stop murderous intent. Hughes bares all:


My son was shot in the head and killed at a house party with an illegal gun. After he was killed, no one spoke up for weeks. But that’s part of the street life. The gun control lobbyists claims their policies will save lives and reduce violence. Well, these policies did not save my son.

The other side of the coin, we’re shown that firearms are the great equalizer, and no matter how much the anti-freedom caucus will tell us guns are bad, they do save lives. Armed victims are empowered and afforded the opportunity (not the guarantee) to not be victims at all. Forgues shares her harrowing story:

A crazed drug addict broke into my home, pins me down on the bed, punched me in my face repeatedly, and then he strangled me. I knew he was going to kill me.


I fought to my gun in the dresser. I pointed it straight at him and he stopped in his tracks. If storage laws required me to lock my gun up, I never would have been able to get to my firearm in time.

Without telling all of what these ladies had to say here, these two stories are just a small glimpse into what these amazing women have to say about the Second Amendment, so-called gun control, and the importance of being one’s own first responder. Their full messages are worth a look and a listen. Towards the end of the video is shown a group of other women of the DCP with Hughes and Forgues together. I can only hope and speculate that we’ll have the opportunity to hear mores of the messages some of the individuals of this group has to bring to us.


The DC Project video Gun Control = Tragedy can be viewed in full HERE or the embed below:

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