MEMO: Tyrant Phil Murphy of New Jersey pay attention!

Chris Pedota/The Record via AP, Pool

Since Phil Murphy’s, D-N.J., 2018 move to Drumthwacket, he’s been wreaking havoc upon the civil liberties of the people he’s sworn to serve. Murphy has compounded existing fiduciary issues in the state, signed into law sweeping gun bans and restrictions, and seemed to get his jollies off while making people prisoners in their homes, destroying businesses, and the rest, during the COVID lockdowns he instituted. 


Pay attention America, Phil Murphy is nothing short of a tyrant and a bully in my opinion. This is the type of guy that clearly never had to square off with another man and either defend his position or pay for his actions. Murphy has political aspirations to live in the White House, but given his track record, he’s going to find it difficult to get the support, as he’s an out of touch progressive pinko.

A recent MEMO from Scott Bach, the Executive Director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, echoes some of that sentiment. Bach’s scathing, well-written, missive is as much of a notice to shame the Governor as it is a cautionary tale.

Memo to Governor Murphy: you are supposed to be a public servant, not the public’s master. Yet your actions toward honest gun owners reveal you think otherwise. But the U.S. Constitution isn’t optional for you—it limits and restrains you, even if you have the hubris to believe that your own personal preferences should replace the Divinely inspired wisdom of the Founding Fathers.

You are not the people’s overlord. You have been given the public trust, and you have betrayed that trust. You have actively tried to destroy a fundamental civil right explicitly protected in our Constitution, thereby abusing your power as a public servant. You are neither smarter than the Founding Fathers nor exempt from the limits they imposed on you.

And now, your own arrogance boomerangs back on you. When the Supreme Court ruled last June, that should have signaled to you that it was time for honest self-examination and deep introspection about the course you have been following, and why you have been following it. Instead, you reacted impetuously, with reflexive adolescent defiance and refusal to accept reality. And now, you are beginning to reap the consequences of your chosen course, as the first (of many) humiliating legal defeats reveals you as a petty tyrant instead of a wise and resilient governor.

Every leader makes mistakes. The wise ones admit their mistakes and learn from them. Fools continue to shake angry, defiant fists as a tidal wave of justice overwhelms them, and leaves them utterly humiliated when the waters recede.

You have two choices from here, Governor. You can continue your temper tantrum against Freedom and continue to drown in embarrassing defeat as you are swamped by a legal tide that cannot be stopped. Or you can honestly and soberly examine your past actions, see the writing on the wall, and make the needed course correction to align with reality and righteousness. Only one of these choices demonstrates the qualities necessary to earn the higher national offices to which you aspire.

Whatever you choose, know that nothing will stop honest gun owners from re-establishing their God-given liberties right under your nose. The Second Amendment freight train cannot be stopped and will overwhelm anyone who tries. It is your choice whether you continue to suffer humiliating public defeats meted out by your own constituents. Choose wisely.


Whoa. Well said Scott! It’s difficult to read through that and not interject with commentary, however the tone and flow of Bach’s cautionary tale double-dog-dare to the Murph deserved to lay unmolested.

To power hungry personalities like the Murph, the former ambassador to Germany – of all places – under the Obama administration, this is just a game to him. The people are the pawns, and as long as he plays by the rules set forth by whomever is running the show at the pinko parade, he’ll be rewarded. The only problem is the pawns are voters. And many of them pay attention. That and he follows to the beat of a drum playing an unconstitutional song. 

The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs has been actively and aggressively fighting unconstitutional gun laws in the Garden State for decades. This latest sweep of freedom limiting laws being enacted has been serving as a “hold my beer” to the Florio years, when so-called “assault weapons” were banned.

Governor Murphy is not a complete idiot. He would not have made it to where he is today, overall, if he was. However, he’s blinded by his hubris holier-than-thou attitude, which he’ll eventually wake to find he’s embraced policies that Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizards , Alolph Hitler, and just about every other ugly bigoted tyrant has in history. If Murphy does not wake to this reality one day, not a problem. The history books will be telling the tragic but true story of another Democrat so-called leader who stripped the rights from his people – but lost in the end.


The unintended consequence of Murphy’s reign of terror is he has energized the people. A sleeping beast in New Jersey has finally awakened, they’re mad, they’re law abiding, and they’re throwing tons of money at lawsuits to challenge every letter of the laws the Murph has signed. New Jersey patriots are proudly supporting more groups now than ever, assembling in fellowship-laden fundraisers and shooting activities, and some have even been moved to start their own Second Amendment news websites.

Bravo to Scott Bach and the ANJRPC. The work they’re doing over there is beyond important and the effects will reverberate throughout the land. Just like the New York State Rifle and Pistol Club took on tyranny, won, and affected the entire country in a meaningful way; ANJRPC is doing similar work. With several cases already ongoing, in particular a Grant, Vacate,and Remanded case from the Supreme Court, challenging a law that tyrant Murphy himself signed, which limits magazine capacity, ANJRPC has proven it’s not fooling around. Or the – as it stands today – failed carry-killer law, which has seen both a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction.

Will the Murph pay attention to this sage advice? Probably not. But he can’t ever say that he wasn’t told so. Failed policy after failed policy, the people are coming after Murphy, and challenging it all.


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