New Jersey Attorney General Platkin whines like a baby about gun owners

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Platty-kins, Platty-kins, unconstitutional man.
Execute me a law as fast as you can.
Lie about it, double down on it, and mark it with a “D.”
Keep it on the books for Danielsen and me!


Well there you have it; the Attorney General of New Jersey’s official nursery rhyme. Just when the patriots thought that Matt “Stuart” Platkin couldn’t get any more swampy or whiney, he sends out this whiny little tweet over all his social media channels! 

Okay Plattykins, we’re rest assured. Rest assured you and the rest of the swamp creatures are in over their heads. The awful law, allegedly written by Assemblyman Joe Danielsen (I highly doubt Danielsen has the mental capacity to write something like the “carry-killer” bill by himself) has hit a minor speed bump on its journey to be overruled. The AG should be well aware that this is just a procedural thing, and that the stay on the injunction of New Jersey’s law is likely going to be reversed. This really only has to do with the fact the state asked for an emergency stay.


The state’s case is meritless. Attorney Daniel Schmutter mapped out everything that needs to be known about sensitive locations during the preliminary injunction hearing for the consolidated cases challenging this garbage law:

As Your Honor is aware, we so far have only seen one thing that gets you a sensitive place. That’s “governance.” And it’s actually narrower than government functions, because as Your Honor knows, the State claims that libraries and museums and all that stuff is government functions. It’s the function of governance. Legislatures, courthouses, polling places, those are the three Bruen sensitive places.

The policies that Platkin, Murphy, pushed for have no historical analogues. The insurance mandate, the ban on carry in the car, the fee hikes – all of it baseless and only enacted to make it more difficult on the law-abiding. Platkin is tired of defending himself because his position is indefensible. Why is he whining so much about this all of a sudden? Because he probably realizes he’s losing and has over caffeinated crazed Karens crawling up his two-hole. The guy screaming “I’m not crazy,” as he’s being whisked out of the room, usually is…well you know.

The place where New Jersey and the rest of the so-called leaders went wrong in progressive strongholds is that they got too power hungry and greedy. Take for consideration the fact that the Garden State has been subverting this civil liberty for decades. 100% keeping it from the people. All New Jersey did was energize the people. Now…Now Platkin, Murphy, and the rest of the ruling class has to deal with a very organized, angry, and articulate movement of people who have said “that’s enough!”


The war on American ideals and values from Platkin and Murphy is not relegated to just the Second Amendment. The little lap dog is also going after a number of schools and towns over their policies putting protections in place for parents, versus letting the state dictate how the citizens are to raise their kids. This may seem like a non-sequitur and have no home at Bearing Arms, but I beg to differ. It’s telling that the tyrants who want to force people to raise children the state’s way also want to disarm the population. Can the writing on the wall be any clearer?

I keep an open invite to Platkin to have a cigar and coffee with me whenever he wants to chat about all this – even though he’s sooooooo tired of it all. But it’s becoming clear I’m going to have to turn that invitation to a hot chocolate meeting, because if Plattykins keeps acting like this, he’s going to be in a nappy before long and be relegated to watching only “G” rated movies. That invite goes to the Murph too. I’ll even meet you at your favorite restaurant in Middletown, NJ – you know, the one he changed the state COVID dining rules for during the pandemic to ensure they could stay open so his highness could continue to tie one on there.

In the meantime, while Platkin laments how tired he is about hearing from the people, you can reach him and his office multiple ways. A polite, yet forceful reminder that he’s cheering for an indefensible law might be in order as well as letting him know he’s supposed to serve the people, not subvert them.


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