Survey for gun owners by gun owners to help combat bunk ‘studies’

Survey for gun owners by gun owners to help combat bunk ‘studies’
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There’s a lot to Second Amendment reporting that is data driven. Whether it’s pouring through statistics by the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Database, or debunking “statistics” that are given to us by the so-called experts, we’re constantly reading one study or another. There’s a lot of rhetoric and bias pumped into some of these so-called studies, even the “peer reviewed” ones,  and ones where a group is given the intended outcome – then their job is to connect the dots from inception to their “proof.” The gun owning community is not only a victim of total garbage studies – all the time – they’re also rarely represented. Walk the Talk America has a survey out that’s going to close on October 2, 2023, and it’s worth giving your time to.


Walk the Talk America is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization that focuses on “bridging the gap between mental health and responsible firearm ownership.” That’s not some lip service that’s coming from someone that’s purporting to be a so-called “credible messenger,” but rather a real and important goal the group and its membership has.

In an attempt to help bring statistics to light that are from gun owners, by gun owners, who actually care about ensuring people do tend to their mental health, WTTA rolled out a short, six page online survey for people to fill out. I took the survey and it took me under ten minutes to complete. The crux of the survey “asks questions on mental health topics and some opinions on legislation that may prevent gun owners from getting professional mental health services.” WTTA further states, “Our goal for this survey is to lightly push back on some statistics from the healthcare community that don’t seem to accurately represent gun owners.”

Considering the extreme barriers that are put in place for gun owners when it comes to tending to mental health, getting the information directly from the source is important, and letting policymakers know the potential unintended consequences of many policies.

Are you tired of hearing statistics thrown around in healthcare, the media, and lawmakers that don’t accurately represent gun owners? We know we have had moments where we too get frustrated by some wildly inaccurate statistics thrown at us during important conversations. This is why we developed this survey to accurately understand what the 2A community thinks.

Our goal is simple – we hope to gather a clear and accurate picture of gun owners regarding mental health and some legislation. This way, we can lightly push back against inaccurate statistics.

We know that the 2A community is a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. With the help of our partners and individuals, we will get a strong sample size of how gun owners feel about important issues.

Please join us in this effort and together, we can push back against those inaccurate statistics and improve mental healthcare for gun owners.

*This survey will close October 2nd and results will be published shortly after*

**Your email is required to help maintain the validity of the responses, WTTA will not share any individual’s information or answers.**


As someone who reads countless studies – far too many to report on – this is refreshing, and actually something that I wish I thought of years ago myself! So Kudos! to the leadership of WTTA for coming up with this idea and executing it. I personally look forward to getting an opportunity to discuss with them their findings and reporting back about it.

This is your opportunity to be part of the discussion!

When I was chatting with my friends over at WTTA about the survey, they also did mention that they’re hosting a sweepstakes to help fund the work they’re doing. If you head over to the Walk the Talk America Homepage, you can find out how you can donate and be eligible for their drawings.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the Second Amendment community! We have so much more available to us today than we’ve ever had. From top-notch and high-quality non-compulsory training, great gear, and organizations that are stepping up to not just pontificate about our wellness, but advocate for it, we’re truly blessed. I do hope that you’ll consider weighing in with your opinion. Hurry, because the survey ends October 2nd and your voice is important, they want to hear from as many of us as possible.

We’ll be checking in with WTTA when the study is concluded and we have results to share.

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