Governor Murphy, Attorney General Platkin, and Tammy too should keep their traps shut about Israel

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The Earth-shattering terrorist attacks in Israel took the globe by surprise on Saturday, October 7, 2023. It did not take long for videos and pictures of the horrors of war to get to the internet, and seeing footage of armed insurrectionists in housing areas intent on the slaughter of innocent civilians will shock and awe. There’s no doubt that the unprovoked terror attack has sowed terror across all nations. That terror, shock, and awe, need not be parroted by New Jersey’s so-called leadership. We don’t need Governor Phil Murphy, Attorney General Platkin, nor Tammy Murphy sending out their statements about this event. What the people of Israel need is something the Murphy administration is wholesale against – they need to be well armed.


Governor Murphy said in a release:

Tammy and I are sickened by the videos and images of Hamas terrorists attacking, killing, and kidnapping innocent Israel civilians in an unprecedented coordinated series of terrorist attacks during Shabbat and the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah. Over just a few hours, dozens of civilians, including women and children, were killed or kidnapped and hundreds more were injured by thousands of rockets launched from Gaza.

Murphy observed that “dozens of civilians, including women and children, were killed or kidnapped,” and his quixotic approach to this leaves me flummoxed. “The world must unequivocally condemn terrorism against innocent civilians. Just like any country, the State of Israel has a right to defend itself and rescue hostages who have been kidnapped.” What do we think the Governor means when he says “the State of Israel has a right to defend itself”? Would that include “the people”?

In a near identical comment, the State sent out Tammy Murphy’s comments in a release, as if her opinion matters. It does not. Nor does she deserve the overpriced door to the office she undoubtedly did not write the statement from – if she wrote the statement at all.

The images out of Israel today – especially the videos of women and children being kidnapped from their homes – are absolutely horrific. We all have a role to play in condemning terrorism wherever it exists and standing with the people of Israel during this dark time. Phil and I are praying for all the victims and their families and for peace in the region.


The Murphys seem quite affected by women and children being victimized here. They both seem to have issues with civilians being torn apart by war.

Attorney General Platkin made his own statement:

I have been in communication with the 21 County Prosecutors and law enforcement leaders across the state. While there is no credible threat to safety, law enforcement will be increasing patrols in sensitive areas – particularly houses of worship for both the Jewish and Islamic faiths – and taking other steps out of an abundance of caution. We also call upon New Jersey residents to be extra vigilant, and if you see suspicious activity please report it to your local authorities without delay.

I am also communicating with leaders in our Jewish community so that we can work together to keep New Jersey safe. Last month, I convened a statewide meeting with members of law enforcement and leaders from the Jewish faith, as well as the interfaith community, to ensure that sacred Jewish observances could occur without interruption from those fueled by hate. While it is always our hope that the High Holidays can be celebrated freely and openly without fear, the reality is that growing extremism and antisemitism across the country requires that we remain vigilant and focused on combating hate at what is a joyous time for the Jewish community.

I wonder if Platkin, when speaking to the “Jewish community,” suggested they take up arms? Wouldn’t that be the most logical thing? That “extra vigila[nce]” Platkin is referring to, does it include ensuring citizens are armed should such an event occur in New Jersey? I did not hear a call for people to arm themselves in the event of copy-cat events or a coordinated attack.


The Associated Press reported extensively on the attacks already.

In some towns, civilians’ bodies lay where they had encountered advancing gunmen. At least nine people gunned down at a bus shelter in the town of Sderot were laid out on stretchers on the street, their bags still on the curb nearby. One woman, screaming, embraced the body of a family member sprawled under a sheet next to a toppled motorcycle.

In amateur video, hundreds of terrified young people who had been dancing at a rave fled for their lives after Hamas militants entered the area and began firing at them. Israeli media said dozens of people were killed.

What’s going on overseas, and having New Jersey’s political elite weighing in on it comes off beyond tone deaf. Governor Phil Murphy and his lapdog Attorney General Matthew Platkin, are historically the most anti-civil liberty administration the Garden State has ever seen. To be fair, Platikin is collateral damage, but he did sign up to be Murphy’s puppet, so he’s not innocent in being part of a regime that supports unconstitutional law.

To hear these individuals make statements about this horrific series of events is downright disgusting. If they’re going to be so anti-murder and anti-kidnapping of women and children, and so against the slaughter of the innocent, they should be incredibly pro civil liberty – and by that I mean supportive of having an armed civilian population. Murphy will never admit that “those people” would have had a chance if they were armed.

No, what we’ve seen in New Jersey is a governor who has done everything in his power to see that the Supreme Court of the United States is ignored. A governor who supports racist disarmament policies. A governor who can’t stand the notion of having the peasants armed!


Policies that Murphy and Democratic leaders support makes such attacks on American soil easy. We have a southern border that might as well be guarded by cheesecloth. As pointed out by Storm Paglia, over at Townhall, our lack of enforcing immigration laws could have detrimental effects.

It’s not so fantastical to draw the same conclusion that Paglia has. This is a scenario that deepstate swamp creatures like Governor Phil Murphy are complicit – if not happy about – to see play out, and in such a manner that leaves his citizens vulnerable.

Governor Murphy, Attorney General Platkin, and Tammy too…your opinions do not matter. Just stop talking. Your sentiments do not matter. If you’re going to champion the support of people of other nations, and the underlying theme here is they should be well armed, you can’t have the policies that you have. It’s easy to send out these statements and talk about the horror of war from your cush and lavish home, which is protected 24-7 by armed officers. It does not get much more hypocritical than that folks.

Before the Murph – and Tammy, because apparently she matters here – leave Drumthwacket, let’s see what more damage they can do to the Land of 1000 Diners. Is the Murph going to champion for more so-called gun control? If so, he needs to be reminded of his own words and how he was, “sickened by the videos and images of Hamas terrorists attacking, killing, and kidnapping innocent Israel civilians.” Civilians who would have had half a chance of surviving if they were well armed. “Over just a few hours, dozens of civilians, including women and children, were killed or kidnapped.” STFU Murph.


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