Do you remember when you first started in the shooting community? For some, it wasn’t a tradition we learned from our parents. Our fathers didn’t take you hunting. Your mother didn’t show you how to hold a rifle correctly. We got involved after some incident, gained a new understanding or desire.

The next thing that happened was we learned all the personalities and laws that sought to prohibit our freedoms. It was insulting. Movie stars and people we thought were nice turned out to be idiots. It was un-American.

But now we are trying to educate and include our family members on why we support the Second Amendment and find it a challenge. We are trying to teach them to be safer with the firearms we have purchased and at the same time, the world is hitting them with conflicting un-truths.

So how do you talk to your spouse and family members about guns?

I hope to share this with you here in weeks to come on a regular basis. I don’t have all the answers but I have become adept at evangelizing the right to keep and bear arms over the past two decades as the Black Man With A Gun®. I have debated and talked in some of the toughest places in America. I have gone toe-to-toe with some of these anti-rights, race baiting talking heads.

If this is something you want to read in the coming days, leave me a comment and let me know. Thanks,

Rev. Kenn Blanchard