Calling Out Hollywood Hypocrite Jim Carrey

Liberal elitist Hollywood Actor Jim Carrey, who enjoys the protection of an armed bodyguard, thought it would be hilarious to make fun of gun owners in a video he published yesterday (in mature fashion, Carrey posted the video on a college site).

Oh, you didn’t laugh? Neither did I. Allahpundit summed it up best:

Despite his cheap, stupid nastiness towards gun-rights supporters on Twitter, I figured this would be worth a few laughs. And it was — for 10 seconds, during the “Sam Elliott” cameo, which is mainly a sight gag. As for the song, it’s neither funny nor biting. It’s basically an extended dick joke of the sort that’s been thrown at gun owners for decades. If you’re not playing for laughs then presumably you’re playing for emotional impact, to hit your opponent hard — but he’s not playing for either here. It’s a pure novelty, almost to prove that Carrey’s capable of writing a serviceable country tune rather than to push an anti-gun message. (The Funny or Die website trumpets that the song’s available for download on iTunes.) The cultural references too are so dated that at times this feels like a lost “In Living Color” sketch.

And this guy gave the best video response about Carrey’s hypocrisy:

Many people ask “why pay attention to people like Carrey or Hollywood at all?” The Right has ignored Hollywood for decades which has inevitably resulted in losing major culture battles. The fact is Hollywood used to be patriotic and conservative, but a lack of respect for its power and influence over the years has put conservatives into a position of fighting an uphill battle. Why? Culture and Hollywood trump politics every, single time on nearly every issue. In the age of the low-information voter, we have an obligation to call out Hollywood hypocrites like Carrey because ignoring them will only lead to a tougher battle down the road.