MD Bill Aims to Bring Anti-Gun Hysteria in Schools Under Control

In the wake of Sandy Hook, anti-gun hysteria in schools has gotten completely out of hand.  From students being suspended for chewing a pastry into the shape of a gun to getting in trouble for merely talking about a Nerf gun–it’s abundantly clear that common sense has fallen by the wayside in favor of zero-tolerance policies. State Sen. J.B. Jennings has had enough and wants to bring the level of punishment back in line with caliber of the “crime.”


State Senator J.B. Jennings says he does not intend for this bill to be a part of the growing gun debate in Maryland, but he does say he wants it to bring some common sense discipline to state schools. […]

Jennings says zero tolerance rules on school campuses are going too far, so he wrote a bill. It bans school leaders from suspending students who make the shape of a gun with their fingers or food, or students who draw a gun on a piece of paper.

“If it’s done in a violent manner, then yes, we can take it to the next level. We can look at suspension,” said Jennings.

Jennings says his office has received several calls from parents who fear that a suspension in elementary school will mar their children’s academic career.

If the bill passes, suspension will not be school administrator’s go-to response for children who are caught turning their food or fingers into the shape of a gun. Rather, the students will first be sent to a counselor’s office.

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