Stand Up for your Rights at the 'Save the 2nd' Rally

There’s no better place to gather for a national gun rights rally than in Philadelphia, PA—where the U.S. Constitution was both written and signed. On Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. ET Gun Rights Across America is doing just that with their “Save the 2nd Rally” to demonstrate “against any and all future gun control legislation that would restrict gun rights,” according to the press release. “The goal of the rally is to display the faces of thousands of law-abiding citizens who value the Constitution of the United States and the safeguards provided by the Second Amendment.”


Guest Speakers include: Kris Ford & Stephanie Hayden from The Discovery Channels “Sons Of Guns,” 2014 Maryland Governor Candidate Charles Lollar, GRAA National President Eric Reed, YouTube celebrity “Hickok45,” Sarah Merkle, Chief Kessler, N.Y. Radio Host Melody Burns, Tea Party President Toby Marie Walker, Noah O’Grady from Gun Smart Kids, 912 PAC Executive Director Stephanie Scruggs, Dr. Adriana Goff, Dr. Bruce Eimer, Former Sheriff Richard Mack, Former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith, Former US Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino, Serbu Firearms CEO Mark Serbu, and CSC Talk Show Host Beth Schoeneberg.

“We hope to inspire law abiding gun owners to get more involved on a local, state, and national level in protecting their second amendment rights,” said GRAA President and Founder Eric Reed.
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