After Home Invasion Scare, “The View” Co-Host Sherri Shepherd Says She’s Getting a Gun

A rare thing happened—a co-host on “The View” actually took a pro-gun stance on the issue of home defense. Describing how the alarm in her home went off and realizing that all she had between her and a potential intruder was a trash basket, Sherri Shepherd told Fox News that the experience made her want to get a gun for home defense.


“We have two dogs and they didn’t bark,” Shepherd said. “And immediately my husband jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. And I ran to my son Jeffrey’s room. And I never wanted a gun in my house but the sight of my son laying there saying, ‘Mommy I’m scared.’ That’s when you realize all you got is a wicker trash basket between me and anybody that comes in this room. And it was a scary thought.”

Her position was, of course, challenged by “View” co-host Barbara Walters:

“I don’t have a house. I have an apartment so I have a different set up,” Walters said. “But it scares me, what you’re talking about. Because when you have a gun, the tendency is to use it and sometimes you use it in the wrong way.”

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