NY Gun Owners Must File Exemption Form If They Want Privacy

Reacting to the decision by The Journal News to publish a map showing information about gun owners in certain New York counties after the Newtown massacre, lawmakers included a secrecy provision in state’s new gun laws. But gun owners that do not want their license information made available to the public will need to file an exemption.  Via CBS:


The form to request the exemption is available online and must be given to the local authority in charge of licensing. Anyone who doesn’t file by the initial deadline, including those getting new licenses, may still file in the future. Their records will be subject to FOIL requests in the meantime.

But the exemption isn’t available to everyone:

Among those eligible are active or retired law enforcement officers, people under a currently valid order of protection and current and former witnesses and jurors in criminal cases.

Gun owners and their relatives can also request the exemption if they believe their lives or safety would be endangered or they would be subject to “unwarranted harassment” if the records were disclosed.

Read more: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2013/05/15/ny-gun-owners-must-file-form-to-keep-permit-info-private/

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