Just in time for Christmas, major news agencies have recently acknowledged the barbaric attacks known as “knockout.”  The savage crimes are brutal assaults that have been occurring in cities across the country for a number of years. They involve unarmed, black juvenile delinquents viciously cold-cocking unsuspecting strangers who have primarily been white, Asian, or Jewish. Some of these maulings have resulted in the deaths of the victims. Most disturbing of all, these attacks occur for nothing more than the wicked excitement and thrill of the crime.

Almost immediately, the New York Times, CNN, and USA Today attempted to dismiss the vicious acts from being a widespread phenomenon to an overblown myth. But author Colin Flaherty has written a thought-provoking and controversial book entitled White Girl Bleed A Lot that chronicles a seemingly infinite number of these types of attacks, as well as other black-on-white crimes.

In light of the “knockout” stories that continue coming to light, all legally armed citizens need to take note in order to stay safe both physically and legally.

The fiendish beatings generally target victims who do not appear to pose any threat of retaliating; nevertheless, the criminals celebrate their savagery as self-glorifying triumphs. The attacks are often initiated by one individual in a group attempting to knock the victim out with a single punch, but the beatings do not always end after one punch or with just one attacker.

The national news has habitually ignored these crimes, but the ugly genie has escaped its bottle. Alternative news sources and many of the hoodlums’ own social media accounts have uncorked the chaos that the nation’s flash-mob media has covered up for years.  Meanwhile, the local press, politicians, and law enforcement have successfully written off these types of barbaric attacks as random acts of violence. The racial component of the crimes is consistently buried, thus leaving much of the unsuspecting public vulnerable.

Political correctness bears much of the blame for endangering law-abiding citizens. Every American’s safety has taken a back seat to protecting the feelings of anyone who is offended whenever irrefutable facts are addressed openly concerning protected-special-interest minority groups.

Nevertheless, the phenomenon of the “knockout” crime is irrefutably associated with black youths from urban areas. Unfortunately, too many people react like any negative fact regarding trouble makers in urban black communities is a condemnation of all black Americans. This is nonsense.

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