Targeting the Anti-Gun Indoctrination Party

Thanks to the last 50 years of public education, millions of Americans no longer appreciate the difference between facts and feelings. Consequently, when facts hurt their feelings, many Americans just brush off the irrefutable evidence and attack anyone who points out the facts that expose illogical feelings.

When it comes to supporters of the Second Amendment, we see this irrational behavior play out among pro-gun Americans who religiously support the Democrat Party. Now, before anyone feels offended, just think about the following questions first…

…Which party had 94 percent of its senators support the last gun-control bill voted on in Washington? (Hint: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid voted against the bill for procedural purposes only.)

…Which party does President Obama–who called this anti-gun bill’s failure to pass “a shameful day for Washington”–represent? (Hint: Although Senator John McCain is indeed shameful, McCain’s vote this day was just part of the .09 percent of the pro-gun party that jumped ship and supported the anti-gun party’s 94 percent.)

…Which party ushered in the anti-gun laws that changed the face of Colorado in 2013? (Hint: It’s the same party of anti-gun nut Michael Bloomberg.)

[Bloomberg ran for Mayor of New York as a Republican only to differentiate himself from the other candidates on the ballot – ed.]

…Which party claims to champion the rights of women and minorities while simultaneously working to infringe on their Second Amendment right and their fundamental right to defend themselves in public? (Hint: This party supports a woman’s right to urinate on herself to fend off potential rapists. Unfortunately, packing pee probably won’t stop a murderer aiming to cut off ladies’ heads.)

…Finally, which party targeted Stand Your Ground (SYG) laws for repeal in the wake of the George Zimmerman trial–which did not even feature a SYG defense? (Note: SYG laws simply remove a victim’s duty to retreat when attacked. Yes, in states that do not have SYG, victims have a legal requirement to retreat if–“and the ‘if’ is important,” according to Attorney General Eric Holder, “no safe retreat is available.” As Holder explains, “…we must examine laws that [eliminate] the common-sense and age-old requirement [concerning] a duty to retreat.”)

The irrefutable fact that the Democrat Party is the answer to all of the above should cause pro-gun Democrats to pause this election period. However, anyone who has been held hostage in the public school system is vulnerable to ignoring indisputable facts when the facts do not jive with their feelings.

Yes, having public schools indoctrinate students in bizarre beliefs and practices where feelings trump facts has been the Democrat Party’s secret weapon for half a century. The brainwashing that occurs under the guise of education also explains why the Democrat Party opposes school choice like it opposes the Second Amendment.

Allowing its hostages to escape the indoctrination camps would hamper all the lessons on how feelings negate facts–so long as the Democrat Party approves of the feelings. You know, like how public schools teach children that boys and girls can be whatever gender they feel like being despite psychiatric evidence and chromosomal facts to the contrary.

Now, when it comes to anti-gun indoctrination, forcing children to attend schools where their primary lesson regarding firearms comes from twelve years of staring at a symbol of a little black gun with a red line running through it is a great way to convince impressionable minds (of children and adults) that stickers, signs, and other anti-gun propaganda keep our society safe.

Despite all the evidence of blood-thirsty lunatics bent on killing defenseless victims turning theoretical gun-free zones in to deadly fields of fire, millions of Americans still feel that law-abiding teachers armed and trained with guns cannot make schools safer.

Granted, 68 percent of the National Education Association (a liberal bastion) opposes measures that would arm teachers. On the other hand, 61 percent of the nation’s largest non-union teacher organization, the Association of American Educators, supports intelligent and selective efforts to arm teachers for school protection.

If only the Democrat Party supported school choice, perhaps then anti-gun parents could choose to send their children to schools that offer free-fire zones to homicidal nuts and that discipline children for chewing pop-tarts in to gun-shaped symbols or violate other demented anti-gun policies.

Meanwhile, normal parents could choose to send their children to schools where teachers are willing to carry guns to protect their students should a madman or terrorists interrupt the lesson plan about how thinking requires facts, not feelings.

Jul 31, 2021 8:30 AM ET