Marines in the Civil War? You bet! AND they were occasionally courteous, as this week’s MoH recipient shows.

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Christopher Nugent 

Rank and Organization: Orderly Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps. Born: 1840, County of Caven, Ireland. Accredited To: Massachusetts. G.O. No.: 32, 16 April 1864.


Serving on board the U.S.S. Fort Henry, Crystal River, Fla., 15 June 1863.

In this assault, the orderly sergeant and his comrades drove a guard of 11 rebels into the swamp, capturing their arms and destroying their camp equipage while gallantly withholding fire to prevent harm to a woman among the fugitives. On 30 July 1863, he further proved his courage by capturing a boat off Depot Key, Fla., containing 2 men and a woman with their baggage.


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