The citizen control movement is a movement that has slowly been asphyxiating over the past 40 years.

Most of the “old-line” gun control groups have faded out of existence, and those that do remain are shadows of their former selves. The Brady Campaign, Violence Policy Center, and Coalition to Stop Gun Violence exist almost entirely on handouts from a handful of deep-pocketed progressive political groups, and are largely irrelevant as political forces. They merely exist now to serve up soundbites for lazy mainstream media journalists, and even these journalists are starting to recognize that citing these groups damages their credibility instead of helping their stories.

For all intents and purposes, the citizen control movement was flat-lining when it was recently be revived—however temporarily—by Michael Bloomberg’s infusion of $50 million from his personal coffers to bankroll his fourth attempt at imposing gun control on the American people, via Everytown for Gun Safety.

“Everytown” is the second attempt to re-brand of the tattered remains of the membership-hemorrhaging Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), and the new, but brand-damaged Moms Demand Action for Gunsense in America.

Bloomberg first attempted to re-brand the combine MAIG/Moms Demand mash-up as the still-borne”Demand Action,” but that attempt proved to be as popular as a super-group composed of Nickleback and Coldplay.

Still in diapers, “Everytown” appears to be quickly heading down the same road to obscurity.

Just 156 tired souls answered Bloomberg’s call to counter-protest the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis held just miles from Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts’s home.

I know how sad of a protest it was, because I was there. I’ve attended wakes with more enthusiasm.

Moms Demand Action From Illegal Mayors in Everytown and the few foundation-supported groups still exist at all only because they practice two kinds of deception.

They lie (repeatedly) to the mainstream media and the public, which the media doesn’t seem to mind in the slightest since they are equally anti-gun and anti-liberty. The public, however, has caught on to the fact that the Michael Bloombergs, Shannon Wattses, Ladd Everitts and the Joshes (Sugarmann and Horwitz) of the citizen control movement are pathological, egotistical, and well, crazed.

Even sadder than their attempts to lie to the public, however, is the tendency of these groups to lie to themselves about their own power, influence, and impact.

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