police car

An angry fired construction worker name Jesus Delarca-Reyes returned to his former Austin job site, demanding money.  Site foreman Ronald Palmer told him that he had been paid in full, and took out his cell phone to record pictures of the Delarca-Reyes trespassing.  Delarca-Reyes slapped the phone out of his foreman’s hand, and Palmer pushed him back.

Then things got interesting.

…when the foreman pushed him, Delarca-Reyes pulled out a gun, shooting the foreman’s leg.

The foreman, who had a concealed handgun license, fired back at Delarca-Reyes, hitting him in his stomach.

Others on the scene jumped Delarca-Reyes and held him down. Investigators say he also had a knife. He sustained life-threatening injuries.

Delarca-Reyes has been charged with aggravated assault. Palmer, who was acting in self defense, faces no charges.

One can only speculate as to when Delarca-Reyes would have stopped shooting if Palmer hadn’t taken him out. Even after he was critically wounded, Delarca-Reyes attempted to slash the workers holding him down with a knife.

Don’t look for much follow-up on this story from the rabidly liberal Austin media. It must have have been excruciating for them to record yet another story of guns saving lives.