Fantastic: Arizona House Introduces Legislation That Offers Tax Credit For Permit Applicants

The Arizona House could pass legislation that would offer an $80 tax credit for permit applicants. Rep. Steve Montenegro, the State House Majority Leader, is co-sponsoring the legislation (via

The measure would offer a tax credit of up to $80 towards the cost of a permit and training in the state. The Arizona Department of Public Safety currently charges $60 for new permits and $43 for renewals while training costs vary.

The legislation’s sponsor feels it will help boost public safety overall.

“Law enforcement have told us time and again that the first line of defense are those that carry CCW permits,” Rep. Steve Montenegro, R-Avondale, said. “In essence, what it does is it’s bringing a level of awareness that we want to make sure that we can say maybe the next generation of those that want to have or possess firearms, they understand that we as a state value making sure that people are educated in how to use weapons or how to carry weapons.”

Montenegro’s bill, HB 2494, would allow those who successfully pursue and obtain a permit to seek the credit of up to $80 against their state income tax.

In 2010, Arizona became a constitutional carry state, allowing residents to carry their firearms concealed without a permit. Then-Gov. Jan Brewer kept the permit process in place for out-of-state travel, according to the Arizona Republic. It also stated that residents carrying concealed firearms must inform law enforcement that they’re armed if questioned, and police could temporarily confiscate their firearms during traffic stops or in the process of gathering statements.