More than 23,000 People Sign RNC Petition That Demands Obama To Quit Messing With Our Gun Rights

The Republican National Committee, along with, has drafted a petition asking President Obama to quit attacking our Second Amendment rights. One of America’s oldest civil rights has been in the crosshairs of the anti-gun left, and the president’s recent executive actions on gun control has done nothing but increased gun sales (which is good news). Americans have bought over 100 million guns since the beginning of Obama’s presidency. What’s more is that these new executive orders, as the case with most gun control policy, will stop literally zero future mass shootings. The petition has garnered more than 23,000 signatures.

To President Obama:

The Second Amendment to the Constitution defends my right to keep and bear arms. This basic freedom was important to the founders of this country, and it is important to me.

But your proposed policies will infringe on my individual liberty and limit my constitutional rights. Gun violence is bad, but leaving law abiding citizens with limited means to defend themselves is even worse.

I will not stop fighting to protect my Second Amendment rights and uphold the values set forth by our Founding Fathers. It’s about time you start listening to We the People.


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