New Hampshire Senate Just Made Obtaining A Concealed Carry Permit Easier

The New Hampshire State Senate just made obtaining a concealed carry permit easier by removing the “suitable” to carry provision in their permit process. It will also extend a carry permit’s life by a year. Yet, the Senate bill only has a brief window of life, as it’s expected to die a legislative death on the State House floor. Democratic Governor Maggie Hassan believe that the state’s concealed carry laws need to be changed (via Foster’s Daily Democrat):

Senate Bill 336 would remove the requirement that the applicant be deemed “suitable” to carry a concealed pistol or revolver and would insert a requirement that the applicant not be prohibited from possession of a firearm by state or federal statute in RSA 159:6, according to Senate documents. The bill would also extend a concealed carry license from four years to five years.

SB 336 changes the wording of the law slightly to make it less restrictive. The word “suitable” in reference to applicants is not part of the proposed Senate bill.

Senator Sam Cataldo, R-Farmington, of District 6, is the primary sponsor of the bill and is the vice chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.


Cataldo said he was pleased the Senate supported the bill, and said it will easily pass through the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. However, he said the bill will likely not make it through the House floor, because lawmakers will recall Hassan’s veto of Bradley’s bill.


Hassan’s press secretary William Hinkle said Hassan does not believe the state’s concealed carry law needs to be changed at this time.

Nevertheless, it’s a step in the right direction.