Censored: HLN Blurred Trump T-Shirt Worn By Retired Cop Who Saved A Baby From A Hot Car

Okay—I get it if a t-shirt said, “f**k the police,” or something obscene, you need to blur that for national television. I’m not so sure about a 2016 Trump for President t-shirt, which HLN apparently found objectionable when interviewing Steven Eckel, a retired police officer who saved a baby from a hot car. It’s a harrowing story, but one that ended well (via Time):


A retired New Jersey police officer is being hailed a hero after he saved a 4-month-old baby trapped inside a sweltering parked car by bashing a window open with a sledgehammer.Steven Eckel, 53, said the baby girl was in distress Monday when he and another woman spotted her screaming in the backseat of a car in a shopping center’s parking lot. “She was soaking wet, sweat all over her face and hair. She was screaming. Her eyes were rolling back. Just frantic, frantic,” Eckel told TIME on Wednesday.

The infant was wearing a onesie and a T-shirt and had a wool blanket draped over her. “Another 15 minutes in that car and absolutely she would have been dead,” he added.

He added that the temperature that day was in the low 90s, but could’ve been upwards of 120 degrees inside the car. A horrible tragedy was averted and HLN wanted to discuss the incident yesterday.

Our friends at The Washington Free Beacon noted this act of censorship and clipped the exchange below. At 1:30 p.m., Eckel can be seen wearing his Trump t-shirt. An hour later, however, it’s been pixilated to obscure the wording. CNN pulled the same stunt, showing a tweet from Republican nominee Donald Trump, but removed the word “crooked” from “Crooked Hillary” during their broadcast.


These are clown show antics from the liberal media.

You guys actually think if you censor t-shirts and tweets, it would help Clinton resolve her email fiasco and ethics issues with the Clinton Foundation that have seen her take a dive in the polls? She’s the one that’s not talking to you about these issues. Maybe that’s worth a couple days’ coverage, or more until she hosts a press conference.

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