Missouri Democrat Calls Out His Opponent By Assembling This Blindfolded

If there’s one thing about southern Democrats, it’s that they can be just as pro-Second Amendment as the most die-hard Republican. And that’s a good thing – The more allies on gun rights we have, the better.


Yet, in the Missouri Senate race, Democratic challenger Jason Kander seriously kicked it up a few notches by calling out incumbent Republican Sen. Roy Blunt for his attacks against him on gun rights in this new ad. The media spot features Kander, an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan, blindfolded assembling an AR-15 rifle. He mentions his military service in the ad. He also says that in the Missouri House of Representatives, he was a pro-Second Amendment lawmaker. He also supports background checks, “so the terrorists can’t get their hands on one of these,” which he says towards the end of his assembly.

“I approve this message because I’d like to see Sen. Blunt do this,” he says at the end of the ad. It’s a nice double entendre. Kander saying he’ll support measures that would prevent terrorists from buying guns, which is the new battle cry for anti-gun liberals, along with insinuating that Blunt may not be able to assemble an AR-15. It’s a good ad. Certainly a lot better than the usual fact-less garbage we see from the anti-gun Left. Yet, the ad screams one thing: I’m a Democrat, we know guns. I mean, look! Look! Our guy is doing it blindfolded, not even Blunt could do that.

Here’s the problem, when it comes to protecting our civil rights on this issue, it’s Republicans who are the most trusted party (and rightfully so). So, if you’re a Second Amendment voter, you’re going to vote Republican, no matter where the Democrat stands on the issue. Second, measures like the no-fly, no-buy, which incorporates one of the many terror watch lists that are maintained by the FBI within the Terrorist Screening Database. This list has raised multiple constitutional questions, given that the criteria for getting on it are unknown. Moreover, the lack of due process is also appalling. To incorporate this into our background check system is incredibly disturbing.

In this country, one’s gun rights are stripped after a criminal conviction. That’s after a trial, lawyers, and evidence to the effect is reviewed for a final verdict by a judge or jury. With the no-fly list, it’s the mere suspicion that can strip you of your rights. Is that wise, moral, or even legal? I’m not so sure. Heck, even liberal blogger Kevin Drum at Mother Jones said that the current position on this issue taken by Senate Democrats has forced him to side with the NRA. That’s the liberal mindset. Screw the rules if I can’t get my way—and I hope Kander sees the light on this issue being that he’s a huge supporter of Second Amendment rights.


Still, I give credit that Democrats made a decent ad with Kander and the AR-15 rifle that all liberals view as a mechanism for evil, but it’s still the same old game of trying to make Democrats look rational on gun policy. They’re not, especially when promoting a law that’s unconstitutional. Still, the Missouri race looks like it’s going to be a tight one, so why not take this ad for a spin. It shouldn’t change anyone’s minds on this issue however.

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