Social Justice Warrior Has Total Meltdown Over Guy Wearing Hat

This person is my new hero.

No, seriously – because of this brave college student, everyone who isn’t a pansy social justice warrior should wear Trump’s “Make America Great Again” gear. Not that you have to support Trump, but just to drive progressives insane.


Matt Linder of Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada was showing his support for the Republican nominee by wearing a signature Make America Great Again hat. Apparently, the hat was very offensive to fellow student Zoe Slusar, who told him to take it off since it promotes hate speech.

“You’ve got to take it off,” said Slusar, who late threatened to write to the university president about Linder’s clothes. Robby Soave at Reason had more [bold text indicates Slasur]:

MRU subsequently affirmed Linder’s right to wear the hat in a statement: “Mount Royal University respects individuals who exercise their constitutionally-protected right to freedom of expression.”Slusar later admitted that Linder did indeed have a right to wear the hat:

He is allowed to wear the hat. As a student, I disagree with what the hat represents. I have diverse friends (culturally and sexually) who would drop a class if the person wearing the hat was sitting in the room with them, because they would feel unsafe. Given the deeper issues of intolerance and oppression represented by the hat, I disagree with it.”


A hat makes someone unsafe?

Get a grip, get back to class, and enjoy this important life lesson: there are millions of people with different points of view. I know that’s probably not an acceptable ethos in the era of safe spaces, but that’s the truth.

If a hat makes you unsafe, you’re not a serious person. Conservatives and gun owners deal with progressive drivel on a daily basis, but you don’t see us running to safe spaces, crying about being triggered, and attempting to eviscerate one’s right to free speech and expression.

It’s sad that a hat can be the spark that ignites a political correctness firestorm; it’s really come to this. Also, is there any higher education institution anywhere in the world that isn’t infested with this idiotic left wing ethos?

I’m guessing probably not.

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