Really, Hofstra? Trigger Warnings Placed At Presidential Debate Site

Well, we shouldn’t be shocked, though it’s one of those many moments where you have to ask yourself: dude, really?

Hofstra University on Long Island, the site of last night’s presidential debate, had placed trigger warnings placed near the event, warning the social justice warriors on campus that their precious, little feelings could get hurt. Emily Zanotti at Heat Street has more:

The Commission on Presidential Debates has, for several decades now…[…]

Today, that tradition came to a screeching halt, as event administrators at Hofstra University gave in to student concerns about controversial debate content. They felt compelled to post a “trigger warning” outside the student center, warning students that they may be overcome with emotion at possible debate topics.

Zanotti added that the Commission has chosen college campuses to give students the experience of being part of the presidential election history. Not even presidential debates are safe from the suffocating grip of political correctness.

Also, uh oh: