Citizen control cultists have rarely been accused of being able to string coherent thoughts together, but a gun control supporter from Point Pleasant, New Jersey, may have come up with the must absurdly offensive idea yet:

There should be a law requiring every household with a gun (no matter what kind) to post a sign in a window or on the front lawn warning that there are firearms in that home. We post signs for security, letting thieves know there is an alarm and cameras there if they attempt a break-in.

The biggest reason for this advertisement is to let a neighbor know there are guns next door. If a neighbor knows this, then they wouldn’t let a 6-year-old play with a 4-year-old, who can take an unattended gun by mistake and kill another child. This has happened before.

The owner of the home where the gun is kept should, by law, be held responsible for any horrific happenings with the firearm.

If homeowners have to reveal they have a firearm, they would be more responsible and would secure the firearm in a safe place, and not leave it to a deranged person in the home.

The school in Newtown has been torn down and plans have been made to build a new $50 million school. A sign would only cost a few dollars.

Frank DiGirolamo

DiGirolamo would also presumably like Jews to wear yellow stars, and for gays to wear downward pointing pink triangles.

Labeling “the enemy” is fun, isn’t it, Frank?

Forcing gun owners to post such signs is blatantly unconstitutional and a political non-starter due to the obvious Nazi symbolism of forcing groups to identify themselves, and it is unlikely that anyone would comply with such a totalitarian edict.

But there is good news.

DiGirolamo and his fellow haters of the Second Amendment are well within their rights to voluntarily identify their homes as being gun-free… perhaps with a sticker that they can post on their doors or windows that looks something like this.


I’m sure that Mr. DiGiorlamo and his neighbors would all feel much safer if the homes in his neighborhood all posted these stickers, so that parents would know that there are no guns in these homes.

Of course, there are other elements of society that are also thankful to have this information volunteered, because it makes their jobs much easier. I am of course referring to the criminal class, which prefers compliant, unarmed victims that are easier to rob, rape, and/or murder.

Project Veritas conducted an experiment showing what happened when journalists working for the Westchester Journal News, MSNBC, and the Star-Ledger were offered free yard signs that proudly proclaimed their homes to be “gun free.” Curiously, this sort of voluntary sign posting doesn’t actually go over that well among those who actually have the intelligence to realize that such signs are a threat to their security, even if they hate guns.

While I find Mr. Frank DiGirolamo’s desire to label others to be abhorrent, I respect his First Amendment Constitutional right to proudly declare that his home is gun free.

Will he do so?