Airline Passenger Picks a Fight With The Wrong Man in Milwaukee

Note to would-be criminals. Make sure there isn’t a no-nonsense sheriff on your flight before acting belligerent.

A Milwaukee man learned that lesson the hard way after berating a handful of passengers, including Sheriff David Clarke throughout a two-hour flight to Charlotte, N.C.


“The guy was very abusive,” the passenger said. “Probably the last 20 minutes it really escalated and focused on Clarke.”

Preston Bluntson, 36, was drinking throughout the flight and became increasingly obnoxious, refused to listen to passengers who were urging him to calm down.

“In all my years flying, I’ve never seen anything like it,” the passenger said. He added that Clarke responded only once, telling the man to “shut up.”

“The sheriff handled himself extremely well. It could have gotten a lot worse because the guy was not backing down.”

When the plane landed, Clarke restrained Bluntson until a Charlotte police officer could come on board to handcuff the Milwaukee man.

Twitter loved how Sheriff Clarke handled the situation:

We need more men like Sheriff Clarke.

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