A Year In Review: Bearing Arms Highlights of 2017

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2017 has been a whirlwind ride for almost all Americans, and it’s been no different here for us at Bearing Arms. Throughout the non-stop news cycle, we’ve brought you breaking stories, the latest trends, covered some sad tragedies and somewhere in between found ways to share some laughs. Here’s a look back at some of our 2017 stories that mattered most to you, our readers.


National Sporting Goods Store Files For Bankruptcy

On the heels of the closures of Sports Chalet and Sports Authority, and after Bass Pro Shops’ purchase of Cabela’s, another sporting goods store was forced to file for bankruptcy – but was there actually a silver lining for gun buyers?

Are We Heading Toward A Civil War?

After a group of left-wingers open-carried in the streets, one had to wonder if this was a sign of a coming violent, political clash between left and right-wing nuts. Could political tensions become so high that the United States could face another Civil War? Thankfully, we haven’t seen that yet.

Two Church Shootings, Two Very Different Outcomes

This year, mass shootings have dominated headlines. However, one shooting in Antioch, Tennessee, didn’t receive the news coverage it deserved. There was a significant difference between the attack on the church in Antioch and the attack on the church in Sutherland Springs. One didn’t fit within the media’s desired narrative; but sadly, the other one did. In Antioch, a lawful gun carrier killed the assailant, saving countless lives.

“Crash Me Ousside, Howbow Da?”

In one of the crazier stories of the year, Tulsa, Oklahoma, police were forced to kill a 21-year-old woman who had committed a series of gun crimes just days before their encounter. After exchanging fire with police, one officer decided to put an end to the shootout.

AR-15 Saves Homeowner From Home Invasion

Three robbers armed with brass knuckles and a knife were no match for a homeowner and his AR-15. What the family of one of the perpetrator’s had to say in response to the result of the altercation may have viewed the situation differently if it was his home and his family that were the targets of a home invasion.


SCOTUS Nominee Neil Gorsuch SCHOOLS Feinstein On 2nd Amendment

2017 was a great year in part because conservatives and Second Amendment supporters watched President Trump put an originalist on the Supreme Court. Here’s a flashback to when then-Judge Neil Gorsuch had his faceoff with Sen. Dian Feinstein (D-CA) before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The soon-to-be justice schooled the senior senator on the Second Amendment. In 2018, conservatives look forward to seeing more originalists being appointed to vacant court seats.

H&K Announce It Will No Longer Sell Weapons To This Country

In September, Heckler and Koch announced that the company would no longer be selling firearms to certain countries. While many Americans couldn’t care less whether H&K sells firearms to some nations on its list, one country found to be on the list may upset American gun owners – and potentially hurt H&K’s business.

Former Felon Saves State Trooper

In late January, a former felon became a hero after he saved a state trooper’s life. The most important detail of the story is that if it had not been for a judge’s decision 14 years ago, Thomas Yoxall would not have had the means to save Officer Edward Andersson.

Is Gun Ownership A Right?

Did the Founding Fathers intend for us to have a Second Amendment right? And does that right allow for every individual to be armed? Here’s what UCLA professor Eugene Volokh had to say about one of our nation’s most cherished constitutional rights.

That Time Hillary Clinton Politicized A Tragedy And Had Her Rear Handed To Her


Shortly after the tragic Las Vegas massacre, Hillary Clinton didn’t waste any time politicizing the tragedy. After tweeting about the horror, Twitter didn’t hold back its criticism of the former presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton, once again, revealed that her understanding of firearms is severely lacking. It’s a shame Clinton used a national tragedy in an attempt to score political points.

Looking Ahead To 2018

To all of our loyal readers, we thank you for coming back to read our reporting and political takes on today’s most important firearms, law enforcement and 2A issues. All of us here at Bearing Arms would like to wish you and your families a Happy New Year and look forward to the bright things that 2018 has in store for the Second Amendment community.

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