Larry King Gives Bizarre History Lesson On The Second Amendment

For some odd reason, gun control activists and those who would like to see a complete repeal of the Second Amendment continue to compare gun ownership and the history of it to slavery. Comedian Michael Ian Black repeatedly stated gun ownership is a “form of slavery” on Twitter this week, and now another celebrity has tied the origin of America’s right to bear arms to slavery.


Larry King told TMZ reporters he would like to see the Second Amendment repealed because southern states only wanted it to quell slave rebellions, or something like that.

Larry King has an interesting tidbit for why the Second Amendment should be repealed — and it’s got to do with what he says is the real reason it was created … to fight off slaves.

We got the ex-talk show host Wednesday at E. Baldi in Bev Hills, where we asked what he thought of former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens’ NYT op-ed calling for the amendment giving Americans the right to bear arms to be repealed.

Larry says he’s completely on board, adding that the antiquated provision needs to be rewritten due to unclear language … and also, because it’s “real” purpose is moot now.

He backs a widely discussed theory that the Second Amendment was pushed for by Southern senators who simply wanted to fend off potential slave uprisings. How about that?

Fact is … there was a move back then to keep guns away from slaves, but it’s actually an anti-gun control issue and not an issue about repealing the Second Amendment


King’s statement is by far one of the most interesting hot takes gun owners and Second Amendment supporters have heard, not to mention one of the most historically inaccurate.

Dr. Jay Cost who writes for The Weekly Standard, National Review, and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette summed up the minute-long interview perfectly. Dr. Cost tweeted, “This is mind-numbingly stupid.”

He went on quickly to debunk King’s “facts” with readily available information one can find through the power of Google.

Dr. Cost immediately pointed out that three free states from the North called for an amendment allowing the American people to bear arms. Rhode Island didn’t only call for citizens to be armed, but they also called for an end to slavery.

“But hey, I didn’t host a television show on basic cable for 25 years. What do I know?” Dr. Cost stated.


“What is especially pathetic about such ahistorical comments,” he added, “is that all of the primary documents are easily available online with precious little effort. For instance, Google ‘New York proposed amendments to the Constitution 1788.’ It’ll be the first hit.”

There’s nothing worse than a gun control activist who doesn’t possess rudimentary knowledge concerning firearms and doesn’t know the basic history of how our founders came to acknowledge one of America’s most precious God-given rights.

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